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Is skateboarding a man's sport?  Most would say so! But as early as the 1960's chic chicks have had the same passion as guys for those "four wheeled monsters;" and without them, female skating wouldn’t be what it is today. 
This female skateboarders list contains the most prominent and top female skateboarders. There are thousands of female skaters shredding it out there, but this list highlights some of the all time favorites... 
Patti McGee (born in 1945) was the first woman to become a pro skateboarder, after winning the Women’s National Skateboard Championship in 1965. She was also featured on the cover of Life magazine May 14, 1965 and the cover of the fourth issue of Skateboarder in October 1965. International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) held the "2nd Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame" in 2010 to honor six of the most Influential Skateboarders of All Time. Patti McGee was the first female to ever be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.
Peggy Oki is a legend!  The only girl on the legendary Zephyr Competition Team also known Z-Boys - a pioneering skateboarder and surfer, as well as an artist and environmental activist. She skated with the Z-Boys in the 1970s and appeared in the movie Dogtown and Z-Boys. Peggy Oki, a free spirited girl from the Dogtown neighborhood, known to be one of the greatest skaters of the time. She was an 2012 inductee into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. 
Cara-Beth Burnside, nicknamed "CB", is a pioneer of women's professional skateboarding and snowboarding and ranks amongst the top female athletes in these sports in the world. She burst onto the skate scene in 1989, when she was featured on the cover of Thrasher magazine, dressed in pink and rocking a ponytail, while busting out of a vert ramp. After a career as a pro snowboarder, Burnside went on to convince ESPN to host a girls demo stand at the 2002 X-Games. This was a huge step forward for women’s skating, as the year after saw the first X-Games women’s vert event. To top it all off, she was the first women to have a signature skate shoe. How rad is that! As a skateboarder, Burnside has won more than 16 titles in competitions such as the X Games, All Girl Skate Jam, Vans Triple Crown, Slam City Jam and Soul Bowl, and in 2004 she was named Female Vert Skater of the Year by World Cup Skating.

Mimi Knoop is one of the most respected female skateboarders in the world. Since first turning pro in 2003, she has claimed 5 X Games medals in women’s vert & has cinched titles at some of the world’s most prestigious bowl contests. Always pushing for progression, Mimi has been one of the most active women in skateboarding behind the scenes, as well. As an advocate and entrepreneur, she has been dedicated to growing the sport for the girls of the next generation by co-founding The Alliance in 2005, Hoopla Skateboards in 2008, and Women’s Skateboard Alliance (WSA) in 2015. She is a tremendous advocate and ambassador for young girls breaking into the skateboarding and action sports scene.
Elissa Steamer was the first female character on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series. Back in the early 90s, Elissa smashed through a predominantly male-dominated scene with her part in Toy Machine’s 1996 video, Welcome To Hell. There were other female riders around, but Elissa was the first female skater to be shown as equal to her male counterparts. However it wasn’t until 1998 when she won the Slam City Jam women’s division – and finally went pro – that she began to make a name for herself worldwide with her individual, dope style. A very popular face when it comes to skateboarding and also her amiable nature, this is a female player spreading motivation.
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins went on to become the first female to land a McTwist 540 in a skate comp.  Aged 15, she became the first female to skate the DC Mega Ramp and the second youngest to ever win an X-Games gold medal. What’s rad is she doesn’t limit herself to one discipline. She skates verts, bowl, street and mega ramp – and used to compete in snowboard comps on the side. With eight X-Games medals under her belt, she’s without a doubt one of the best female skaters of all time. She was the second female as a playable skater to appear in the video game series: Tony Hawk's Project 8
Vanessa Torres is known as the bad girl of skateboarding. The table-flipping, golf-cart-stealing, cigarette-smoking, trash-talking, school-quitting, home-leaving, contest-winning kind of outlaw who can board-slide a knob-welded rail, Vanessa was super talented from a young age. Before long she had won the very first Skate Street event at the X-Games and joined Lyn-Z and Elissa as skate video game characters!

Leticia Bufoni began skating at age 9, and traveled to Southern California at age 14 to compete in the X Games. Leticia has been ranked the #1 women’s street skateboarder by World Cup Skate four years in a row 2010-2013. In 2013, she became the only female athlete to win three X Games Gold Medals in the same year and was nominated for an ESPY Award. Not only was she the only female skater to have a full PUSH project part as well as the first skateboarder ever to be featured in ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue, she was crowned the first ever Women’s SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Champion in Chicago, IL. 

Lizzie Armanto started skating back in 2007 with her younger brother and developed an amazing love for skating bowls and vert. She placed first overall in the prestigious World Cup of Skateboarding points race through 2010 to 2012. Lizzie has won over a staggering tally of 30 skateboarding awards. In 2013, Lizzie had won gold at the first ever Women’s Skateboard Park event played at X Games in Barcelona, Spain and has also won the 2014 Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, California.
Lacey Baker is an American professional skateboarder from Covina, California, who began skateboarding at the age of 5, but she only started focusing on it at the age of 11. Baker lists her proudest moment as the first time she landed a kickflip. In the March 2007 edition of The Skateboard Mag, Baker is featured in 2 photo sequences showing her perform a 360 flip and a hardflip down 8 stairs. In 2006, Baker placed first in street competitions at both the Canadian Open and the Slam City Jam. Baker's first full part, entitled "Bombshell," was released in April 2013 on the video section of Thrasher Magazine's website, on which Thrasher described Baker's part as "one of the best female street/tech parts they've seen.


Alexis Sablone is one busy woman: She's a pro skater and graduated from MIT grad school. Ever since her video part in PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life, Alexis Sablone is known for going big. She’s part of the women’s skateboarding elite. But the obstacles she’s conquering outside of skateboarding are way bigger than any gap or set of stairs. As a graduate student in MIT’s architecture program, Alexis is currently working on how to bury nuclear waste for a million years. She is the defending XG gold medalist and also has 2 gold and silver consecutively from 2009 and 2012. With a risk-taking nature on-course and huge pop, she goes for big tricks and frequently reaps the reward. The Columbia University grad took second at the Kimberley Cup in October 2014 and 2nd overall on the World Cup Skateboarding tour for 2015.

Lucy Adams instantly comes to mind when you think of influential women in skating. She’s been at the top of the British skate scene since 2009, winning the UK Skateboard Champs and Girls UK Skate Jam numerous times. Now she runs skate coach sessions for girls as well as older women to get involved and not be intimidated by skate parks!
Some other names that come to mind are Jen O'brien, Mariah Duran, Pamela Rosa, Mar Barrera, Holly Lyons, Heather Christensen, Eliana Sosco, Anna-Sophie Julien, Allysha Bergado, Erica Nicole Madrid, Cristina Cociu & every other girl skater pushing it. Skateboarding is all about skill and personality, not about what gender you are! It's great that girls like these shred it out there, unafraid to be themselves. Keepin' it real!


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