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Name: Ajay Padval
Nickname: PADVAL
Origin: April 30, 1995 | Pune, India
Started Riding: 2006
Favoured Discipline: Downhill
Favorite Hometown Spot: Vetal HIll
Happiest Achievement: 2nd Place at Bangalore Mountain Festival
A not so Happy Moment:  Breaking thru Glass slitting my lip and getting 25 Stitches (Playing a stunt double role in "Kick" a Bollywood Movie.)
Ride Crew: Team Freerider Mag/ Psynyde Bikes/ Sharptune
Favorite Website: Freeridermag.in, Pinbike.com
City for Riding: Manali, Pune, Whistler, Spiti 
Favourite Rider: Brandon Semenuk
Inspiration: George Bender, Brandon Semenuk, Kelly McGarry, Cam Zink, Vinay Menon
Favorite Music Artist: Metallica, Iron Maiden and any other soothing peaceful stuff
Your Bike Set-up: A 7inch freerider bike for downhill, topped up with Psynyde Components, Shimano Saint all thru out, prefer a flat bar and soft suspension set up.
Word of Advice to Fellow Riders: In the words of George Bender “Life is too short not to go big, gotta go big”
AP Quote:
"I ride because I AM"
- Ajay Padval
Padval enjoys other sports like Slacklining & Unicycling too. He is a fun guy, adventure enthusiast, loves travelling a lot, not blessed with humor & a social animal. Ajay has played a stunt double for Salman Khan in a Bollywood Movie  called "Kick". 
His achievements go on;
2006 : Youngest rider Ride2026 BMXTB06 (Pune)
2007 : 2nd Runner up Ride2026 BMXTB07 (Pune)
2010 : 2nd Runner up NEF School Enduro (Pune)
2013 : 2nd Runner Up Decathlon Bike and Hike (Pune)
2014 : 2nd  Runner Up Pune Bicycle Championship Xc Race
2015 : 2nd Runner Up The Impossible Race XC (Gujarat)
2nd Runner Up Himachal Downhill Trophy (Manali)
1st Runner Up Indian Shredder Downhill race  (April & June/Pune)
2nd Runner Up Pune Racing MTB XC race
2nd Runner Up Bangalore Bicycle Championship Downhill Race
1st Runner Up Indian Shredder The Evolution Line(Pune)
2016 : 1st Runner Up Bangalore Mountain Festival Downhill Race
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Image Credits: Gautham Nalasingu Extreme Sports Photography,  Tuhin Satarkar  &  Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine


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