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Karnataka's First Surfing Festival - The All Cargo Indian Open of Surfing

Count down begins for the first edition of "ALL CARGO INDIAN OPEN OF SURFING" recognized by International Surfing Association(ISA) & Surfing Federation of India(SFI), Conceptualized by Mantra Surf Club and presented by Karnataka Tourism Department.


All Cargo Indian Open of Surfing 2016 - Promo Video from SurfingFederationofIndia on Vimeo.

This event will feature Surf and SUP athletes from various cities of east and west coast of India as well as international atheletes, participating for the first time in Karnataka. 

Image Rammohan/ Photo Concierge
*3 Days of National Surfing Championships
*Stand Up Paddle Race
*Bodyboarding Competition
Lots of food, music and surfing movie screening.
Event Schedule: 
May 27th - 29th (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Contest begins at 7:30 A.M and ends at 4:00 P.M
The event will have international judges & ISA officials to overlook the event.
Ratings & rankings is being introduced for the first time to Indian surfers. 
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Since surfing is a sport which is entirely dependent on various natural factors such as swell, wind and tides, it is imperative to ensure that the competitions start early and make use of the best conditions for the surfing contest. With more than 7000 kilometers of coastline in India, and about 320 kms of coastline in Karnataka itself, the Indian Open of Surfing could potentially open the doors to a great source of revenue and tourism opportunities for the state in future.

Mulki, Mangalore is considered the home of surfing in India. Mantra Surf Club aka Surfing India was India’s first surf club/school which was founded in 2004 by world renowned surfer“Surfing Swami” [Jack Hebner]. It is also the home of Surfing Federation of India, the apex body of surfing in India. The aim of the event is to promote Karnataka beaches, as adventure destinations suitable for surfing, stand-up-paddling, kite surfing, wind surfing and various other water adventure sports.

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This event is conceptualized on world famous surfing festivals i.e U.S Open of Surfing & Australian Open of Surfing.  
You can follow the event details here, visit the Surfing Federation of India page here and find out more about the Mantra Surf Club here.

Text from All Cargo Indian Open of Surfing (Official Website)

Image Credits; Rammohan Paranjape/ Photo Concierge

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    Woh! Great article. I want learn how to surf. Any number of surf school in Goa?

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