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© Ramesh Baskota
Name: Amit Subba
Nickname: They usually call me Subba..
Origin: March 9, 1988 | Namrup, Assam

Front shuv it down the ledge © Poornabodh Photograph
Started skating: At age 19 with toy boards, but yea from the age of 22 fully involved after I got my skateboard.
Why did you start skating: Coz I saw Danny Way on television riding a Mega ramp, when I was a kid. And then I knew right then this is what I have to do.
Inspiration: Bob Burnquist videos used to inspire me a lot. And everyday my fellow skaters.

© Pranoy Jacob
Preferred Style: I love to do lots of creative stuff and almost skate everything.
Signature trick: I love to do the slide. Its like a lay back power slide but everyone named it Deathslide. And flamingo is a beautiful trick of all time, love to do it everywhere. love to do lipslide, its kickass. And yea kickflips I love them but they don't love me all the time.  Its like a love hate relationship.

Death slide © Johnathan Mehring (skateboarder magazine)
Favorite hometown spot: Namrup dams and market places
Best Spot in India: Delhi and Rajasthan 
City for skating: Delhi, Ranchi, Silliguri

© Nitin
Happiest Achievement: Got featured in Vice and Skateboarder magazine. And the day my dad took me to my first stair set and told me I want you to see you skate. I was so happy!
And always happy to skate with my boys no matter what; Khadir, Joel, Kevin, Shek, Soms, Gaundy, Poorna, Darius, G, Happy, Tony, Sagar, Azhar, Nikhil, Dewappa, Shamaz, Ankit, Sweetlime, Baumi, Aditya, Shaurbh, Humbay, Atty, Pranoy, Milan Bhai, Bom, Sohan, Deepan, Tharun, Vishal, Abhishek, Adnan,Omair, Harsad, Diwas, Utkarsh, Julian, Donny and may more. And the day I first meet Nick Smith and Gaundy

© Image Mohit Jaiz
Worst fails: Not in skateboarding but yea quite a few times while talking to girls.
Favorite skater: All the above skaters I mentioned and Chris Haslam, Daewon Song, Colin Provost, David Gonzalez. And Jay Adams for sure... he's a 100% skateboarder 
Favorite Music Artist: Didn't get involved much with music. But would love to.
Favourite Skate Brands: Holystoked
Favorite Website: Holystoked, Active8 Sports and Haul Apparel. 
Skate Crew: Holystoked Collective

© Image Gautham Nalasingu
Your board set-up: 8.1 or 8 Deck, low trucks 147, 53mm wheels.
Little known fact: I am little bit into painting. Love to sketch. Play badminton even though I lost several times with G. And I love chess.
© Amit Subba's Sketch
Word of advice to fellow skaters: Skate for yourself, love everyone and live life with heart.
AS Quote: 
Forgiveness is the biggest power. I felt it that's why I say it.
-Amit Subba aka Subba

© Image Poornabodh
FYI: Subba loves to skate all day. He is a quite guy but loves to have fun, spread happiness & appreciates creativity. He is more like a local boy enjoying the local scene. Subba has also been a part of DIY skatepark builds in India. 
Learn more about Subba | Follow him on Facebook & Instagram.
Image Credits: Ramesh Baskota, Pranoy Jacob, Mohit JaizPoornabodh, Gautham Nalasingu & Nitin.
Video by Cha-Cha Videos


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    Hi sir,it’s me Shaunabh great moves

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    Good going bro subba. Nice to see you following your passion. Your fellow model school junior. :)

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    Thank you Gabriel

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    Nice sketch Subba. Great article. So good to see the skateboarding scene grow in India

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