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Skateboarding isn't just an action sport form, it's a recreational activity that involves pulling tricks with a board and quick thinking. It’s an art form, a job, a hobby, or a method of transportation, an exercise routine, or whatever additional purposes it serves, it is environmental friendly too. 
The sport evolved in the west from the culture of surfing during the early 70’s, gradually developing an identity of its own. Back then boarding was more of a trait for a rebellious, non-conforming youth. Although as time evolved so did the perceived idea of this action sport.
Since skateboarding had a slow momentum in gaining popularity, skateboarders turned to inventive ways to spread the message. A trend that continues till date, they record and edit videos of themselves and friends skateboarding, showcasing sharp yet funky new found tricks. Check out some of Active8 Sports videos on skateboarding. 
The first skateboards were built with surf boards and roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. This invention stemmed from bad weather or low tide which turned out to be enough inspiration for boarding on land.  The raw board designs eventually turned into planks, similar to the skateboard decks of today. 
Rolling back to the present, the spectrum of skating gear has expanded exceptionally, with options for boarding shoes, guards, clothing, accessories and the noteworthy graphic illustrations among others. 
Active8 Sports is optimistic in helping this sport boom in India with offerings of the right resources and platforms. With fresh and new skate parks on the rise along with collective efforts to join the family of skaters in India, Active8 Sports looks forward to the emerging culture of Desi Skaters.

Video by Dry Socks


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    Awesome. Its about time that I can buy a pro set up in India! Rock on Active8 Sports. I hope you add other cool sports soon like BMX, Surfing, Mountain Biking…

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