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Name: Gautham D Kamath
Nickname: Happy
Origin: June 01, 1987 | Bangalore, India

Started Skating: 2012
Favored Discipline: Park
Signature Trick: Frontside Rock n Roll, Backside Hurricane, Layback 360

Favorite Hometown Spot: Play Arena Skate Park
Happiest Achievement: "Lots more to do and achieve", says Happy.

Favorite Skater: Pedro Barros [Brazil], Chet Childress, Sandro Diaz
Inspiration: Sandro Diaz
Favorite Music Artist:  ACDC

Favorite Skate Brands: Vans, Huf Worldwide, Real Skateboards, Majenta Skateboards
Your Board Set-up: Real deck 8.25, Thunder Trucks High 147, Spitfire 54mm formula force wheels and more epic stuff.

Favorite Website: Confusion Magazine
City for Skating: Portland [Burnside Skate Park]

Word of Advice to Fellow Skaters: “Don’t give up, and keep on rolling”
GK Quote:
" When things won't go right ... I take a left and keep going "
-Gautham Kamath aka Happy
FYI: Happy quit his job when he discovered skateboarding and never saw the inside of a conference room again. He is super happy skateboarding and loves his life in the park.
He has been part of most skate park projects in India and 1 in Nepal. Happy teaches skateboarding to anyone and everyone interested with all the enthusiasm required.
Learn more about Happy | Follow him on Instagram & Facebook!
Image Credits: Nagesh Wagh, Sandesh Behind A Lens & Kumar Sawan


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