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Haul has added another feather to their hat with their new website!
They have a unique brand style that definitely makes you jump out of your everyday skin. With their brand they are paving ways to create some super cool Desi freaks. The style is a mix of India culture with spooky western fads. Steeze at it’s best. As of the moment Haul products consist of snap-back hats, t-shirts & quarter sleeve t-shirts.

You can check them out live at the Haul Apparel online store!

Their mission is to assist the rise in action sports in India, by encouraging and supporting the sport and the awareness that follows. The ultimate goal is to create possibilities of all the aspiring sports enthusiasts.
Haul apparel India is proud to present the trailer for their recent skate & surf tour in association with active8 sports.
About Haul Apparel:
Haul apparel is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the principles of enabling every person to participate in riding & boarding throughout their lifetime whether it’s for fun, fitness or any other achievement.

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