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Name: Sagar Waghela       

Nickname: Shaggy

Origin: July 26, 1994 | Mumbai, India

Started skating: 2012


Favored Discipline: Street

Signature trick: Kick-flip , Tri-Flip , Crooked Grind

Favorite Hometown Spot: BKC City Park

Skate Crew: Meteoric

Sponsors: Active8 Sports & Vans India


Favorite skaters: Ryan Sheckler & Luan Oliveira

Inspiration: Ryan Sheckler

Favorite Music Artist: Guns 'n' Roses

Favorite Skate Brands: Plan B, Nike SB, Etnies, Grizzly, Bones, Flip & more..

Your Board Set-up: Deck 8.125 , Independent 149mm trucks , Spitfire 52mm wheels etc…

Favorite Website: Trasher Magzine & Berrics

City for skating: Florida [Skate park of Tampa]

Word of Advice for Fellow Skaters: "Don’t be a poser be a skateboarder!"

SW Quote:

"Dear Mom and Dad I will make you proud one day, PROMISE."

-Sagar Waghela aka Shaggy

Learn more about Shaggy | Follow him on Facebook & Instagram 

Image Credits: Karan Khosla & Deepak Panchal

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    best of luck bhai!

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