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Every skater knows what it is like to set out for a day of just cruising or wicked leveling up with out his sack of tools! To have a good session there are a few things that you carry to keep the momentum going without any unnecessary setbacks.
To begin with a skateboarders bag needs to have a few basics in place before going in for additional features. Check for good design with exceptional durability, comfort can weigh in along with the cost as a secondary criteria. It has got to be strong enough to hold your day's needs, along with a decent skateboard carrying system that doesn't completely suck. There are a few things you can do to carry your board with you, read more about that here!
Now getting to what's in a skateboarders bag!
Skateboard straps are an essential for a boarder on the go. While many backpack varieties come readily-equipped with skateboard straps, you can easily transform a run of the mill model into a convenient, hands-free skateboard transportation system.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_12117948_make-skateboard-straps-backpack.html
For the love of the sport you'd better know that you definitely need your skate tool, a bar of wax, some protective gear for the death-or-glory mood, some extra hardware and at-least two extra bearings. Also depending on your level of gnarliness- a backup deck would do you good!
Next would be a full bottle of water or an energy snack/drink, along with a kick-ass mp3 player that you don't mind killing during a bad slam, an extra t-shirt, a jacket and other small stuff you need to feel refreshed at the end of a good long session. Other stuff includes...CASH! Maybe not like Mr. Deep Pockets, but enough for bus fair if your ride back home leaves unexpectedly, your cell phone, keys and any other valuable that completes you!

A fully loaded backpack can be quite heavy to haul around all day, so channel your daily wants wisely!



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    nice stuff

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    Your could stuff a nice spliff too \m/

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