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Best Trick Rounding Up

Julian(France), Sian(France), Bom(Bangalore), Sagar(Bombay), Ben(France), Sayyad(Bombay), Nikhil(Bombay), Teshang(Delhi), Andy(Russia) & Milan(Nepal) awestruck everyone with the tricks they effortlessly improvised on and landed!!

The rest of the skaters didn't keep off the pipe and slammed some pretty gnarly tricks too!!

Sagar Waghela (Bombay) setting out for the best trick...

And he land it.. Winning the best trick at the first Jugaad Skate Competition!!


Everything Else In-Between

Subba from Bangalore...

Mr. Scarf Face doing his thang!!!

Donald making sure skaters get to the park alright (or not)!

and ... Peace'd out Ben \/


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