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Name: Prapat Ka-U-Tai
Nickname: Bom
Origin: January 2, 1996 | Thailand (Seasonally in Bangalore, India)
Started Skating: 2015
Stance: Goofy
Favored Discipline: Old school, Street
Signature Trick: Cave man, Nollie no-comply
 Favorite Hometown Spot: Play Arena, Bangalore
Skate Crew: Holystoked
 Happiest Achievement: Landing a trick!
Favorite Skaters: Mike V & Lert Saeri
Inspiration: Mike V
Favorite Music: Srorng Santi & 80s-90s songs
Favorite Skate Brands: Nike SB, Girl, Bones & DC
Your Board Set-up: Deck 8.25, Indy 149mm truck, Bones STF V3 51mm and Bones Bearing
Favorite Website: Street Plant, Thrasher
Word of Advice to Fellow Skaters: "Fuck what they say, Skate it your way!"
Bom Quote:

Dear: Do everything that makes you happy :D
-Prapat Ka-U-Tai aka Bom
FYI: Bom's actually a hard core gamer and likes to spend his time creating street art and calligraffiti too.
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Image Credits: Kirati Prasoppichai | Video by Cha-Cha Videos

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    Bom is one cool dude.. All the best back in Thailand.. Do make it to Pune when your in India next to skate with the Active8 Crew.

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