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The way you prefer to ride your skateboard defines your style not the way you carry cloth on your back while riding. This so called style can be divided into two major categories; ride for tricks or ride to avoid bus fare! Further sub categorizing it based on the surface you shred, although most skaters fall into more than just one category.
With time skateboards also evolved to more specialized trucks and wheels for certain surfaces and types of tricks to better perform in the desired styles. Here are some of those styles;
Freestyle Skateboarding,  is one of the oldest styles in skateboarding, originally used to travel from one place to another the style has evolved with the introduction of various obstacle elements. Priority is fluidity and technical skill.
Street Skateboarding, uses almost all the elements of the modern landscape, including handrails, stairs, curbs, benches and more. This style is more technical and precise as the tricks in street like 50-50, nose-grinds and kick-flips require a lot of practice and patience to learn.

Vert Skateboarding, also popularly known as pool or bowl skating and transitional skating is all about using vertical structures to land some gnarly tricks. This style involves high speed and catching air while performing some cool as tricks.

Park Skateboarding,is like the holy grail for those who encompass a variety of sub-styles in their skating. Purpose built skate parks combine a mix of vert elements and street obstacles that hands down give you an experience you won't forget.

Cruising, is riding your choice of board for as long as possible without any tricks, stopping or touching ground! 




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