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The features of any skateboard including its width, length and shape are all designed to meet the needs of a certain category of rider depending on his/ her personal style. So a complete set up has the necessary deck, trucks, wheels and bearing which over time have become more advanced with the sport itself.
Besides the basic set-up there’s a lot more out there to up your skate game or just for your fancy. These gizmos are designed to improve your performance even further and some accessories are optional, of course, but it's always a plus to know that they exist and how they work.



A little confusion on the difference between risers and shock pads since they look very similar and kind of fit into the same place on the skateboard? Well the real deal is that-
Riser pads/ Spacers are made of hard plastic pads that raise the overall skateboard height and are used to avoid wheel bites while also giving your board an extra pop due to the increased distance between the tail and the ground.
Well as Shock pads are made from rubber or dense foam specifically designed to absorb shock to make for a smoother ride, although you end up losing a bit of speed; a natural consequence of shock absorption. 


Going in for longer slides that'll be as smooth as butter with a lower requirement of wax- then ribs/ rails might be your thing. Sliding on surfaces that would otherwise be a hard bet can ruin your skate deck over time, this accessory eliminates wear and tear. Not only do ribs protect your gear, but the best ribs/ rails are hard enough to provide a smooth, hard surface for sliding, and can even lengthen your tricks.


Little grip’ for the underside of the board, some made of foam and some of grip.  The basic idea was to stick them where you need extra grip on your board like under the nose for nose grabs, the rails for rail grabs, etc. Though definitely less necessary than rails, it's just, like, a thing that exists.


Sliptape/ everslick is a clear piece of self-adhesive plastic that sticks to the underside of a deck. It helps protect the board's graphics and is self lubricating for those wild huge deck slides. 


These are thin, plastic strips that snap onto the front or back of your deck(nose and tail), for protection from splintering, chipping or even cracking apart completely. Tail guards also known as skid plates are bolted onto the underside of the tail end of a skateboard to protected the tail end from skid stops and other maneuvers that would otherwise wear away the wood and decrease the longevity of the tail


A sparking device made of flint and placed on the tail or nose of the skateboard to create a sparking effect that is well seen during night hours. It might throw your skate game off a little due to its placement but anything that makes your loud and destructive skateboard shoot sparks is actually awesome.


A pieces of plastic that connect to the kingpin of the truck and back of the base-plate, that sort of, protects the kingpin when grinding. It also prevents hang-ups by providing a smoother transition for the truck when it hits an obstacle


Copers are plastic truck covers that fit over the axles of the trucks, intended to make grinding easier. But, here's the hard truth - copers sap the move of its power, sound, and fury taking away a core element of skateboarding.


The small metal cylinders that fit into a skateboard wheel between the bearings to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing, they make your turns smoother, more stable and also extend the life of your bearings.


Speed washers are thin, metal washers that are slipped over the axle between the nut and the bearing, and the hanger and the bearing. Though they go by many different names (speed washers, speed rings, bearing washers), all speed washers have the same purpose: to reduce friction in order to help the wheel turn faster.


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    I would love the bones bearings in India… when will you get them?

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    Def need the wax, riser pads for bigger wheels and the tool in india.

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