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The Golden Sparrow wrote a nice piece on the skateboarding scene in Pune, check it out below.

The city’s fully functional skate park at Sahakar Nagar seems to be a well-kept secret. Here’s your chance to get to know the few who have discovered the space and make good use of it.

Navin Devnani is only 22 years old but he wants to change the face of action sports in India. Working in the direction, Navin has joined a venture, Active8, that has a similar vision apart from being an active skateboarder himself. For two years now, Shubham Surana, 15, and Kartik Pravin Jain, 16, have been skateboarding almost every waking minute of their lives. Inspired by them, Harshdeep Pawar, 21, too has begun to love skateboarding and ensures that he spends at least three days a week on the skateboard. Committing to a sport that is not so well known and does not have a proper trainer either, these young boys have proved what one can do if your heart is set on it.

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