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Skateboarding always sets a trend!! Be it fashion, style, culture, music .... anything that suits the underground scene is quickly picked up as a main stream trend, no comments on the intention though!

Modern skaters wear just about every clothing available that serves functionality over style. There are a few different looks that are typically associated with skater culture. And their style can be widely classified across the casual skater look, punk skater look, rap/ Hip-Hop skater look or the hash/ Rasta skater look. But always try to be original and go for what fits you best.

Skaters tend to wear pants that fall tight or loose making it easy for tricks and flips, flat soled tennis shoes, graphic tees or somewhat tight t-shirts, and a snapback or beanie.

Wearing practical, non-restrictive clothes that don’t need to remain in pristine condition is key for an improved performance. Expect rips, tear, fades, and possibly even blood stains.

On the other hand, maybe you want to dress like a skater because you like the style or you want to become a skater. Word- get really good at being a skater, and then allow the style to follow after. If you want to mesh with this culture well, know your stuff, be good at what you do, and then gradually change your style up.

Having scraped elbows and knees and a ripped pair of jeans might look cool, but don't scrape your elbows and rip your jeans on purpose or you’ll come off like a poser. Instead, think of it as something you earn in a bad fall. 

Most of all HAVE FUN while you're at it!


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