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Content contributed by Sri Venkatesh Nuvvula | Skateboarding in Hyderabad
Hyderabad has one of the oldest skate scenes in India. Everyone used to skate in a parking lot which was rarely used by the public in Lakidi-ka-pul railway station. Meanwhile the skate scene kept growing in different cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. 
The skateboarding community in Hyderabad has come through a lot of challenges promoting the sport in the city, finding places to skate, conducting workshops (even when hardly any people showed up) and also made DIY spots which were destroyed the very next day by local officials.

Finally! After a long wait, The city of Nawaabs gets its first Skatepark and India's first asphalt pump track - WallRide Park. 

Thanks to Mr. Hamza Khan, who's making this happen. Hamza is a passionate BMXer and always had a thought for building a park for BMX and MTB in India.

Seeing the skate and BMX cultures, he also decided to contribute to the skate community. After doing a lot of research for months on building pump tracks and skateparks, he pitched this idea to his father about WallRide Park. With amazing support from both father and son, they have put in all efforts to make this dream come true.

For building the WallRide park, Hamza got in touch with Velosolutions from Switzerland, the first company to build asphalt pump tracks in the world and Holystoked Skateboarding - pioneers in promoting skateboarding and building skateparks in India.

Crew members Claudio Caluori, Benjamin Josi & Claudio Schnurrenberger from Velosolutions travelled to Hyderabad in mid of Feb and finished the pump track within 2 weeks which has got a sick wall ride for riders to pump up more adrenaline. These guys have worked crazy all day with heavy compactors, shaping the asphalt track. Its going to be super worth it.  More volunteers like Ajay Padval - MTB rider, Piyush Chavan - Scott India Downhill team and Leanna from Ciclo bike shop also came down and to help with the build.

From Holystoked - Abhishek (Bangalore), Baumi (Germany), Michael (Belgium), Devendra Uniyal aka Tony (Delhi) and Dhroov Rajpal (from Mascot BMX, Mumbai) started the skatepark construction last week. They've made a china bank that looks irresistible to skate. The skatepark still has a quarter ramp and way more to go. These concrete boys are going to make the park look damn cool by the end of it. 

Speaking with Tribuvan, Omair, Sushant, Adnan, Rahul, Anam Sultana and others who had been trying to promote the Skate scene in Hyderabad, they all had just one answer "Super stoked, excited and just waiting for the construction to be completed to shred the park"
Also, this park will have an air bag jump! A killer combination of Skatepark, Pump track and an Air bag jump is going to be total sickness. First of its kind in the country and for most shredders!

Location: Snehita Hills, Peeranchuruvu TSPA junction, Hyderabad!
Stay updated with the official facebook page & find the location on Maps here Wallride Park!
Images & content by Sri Venkatesh Nuvvula | Skateboarding in Hyderabad


  • Posted on by FAREED ABDUL

    I am a big fan of Bmx but due to lack of institutes and trainers never had a single session to perform.
    My age has gone but the love towards Bmx never die.
    I’m planning to make my son to do all those things which I had a dream.

  • Posted on by rohan

    Dude thsi is amaze! Good work Hamza & team. Hope this grows enough for more parks across the country.

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