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What is up guys!? Hope you are getting some good times these days, enjoying that hot weather of ours, skating some new stuff or just doing completely new stuff!
For this ep we are going to go through 50-50 Grinds for ChandraTeja from Hyderabad, thank you for asking and we take this occasion to send our best regards to the Hyderabad scene, the Eika people and everybody back there killing it for the game! You guys are the inspiration! 

So here you go, 50-50’s frontside for this one, even if the same principle is applicable for both stance. We should have thrown a couple of backsides too, damn, NEXT TIME! But one thing we forgot to cover in this video is that faith-in-commitment thing, you know, just before the pop, that last split  second… If you have a wrong thought even if you go for it, it’s over. No matter what you do, if you believe, you can make it happen in some way. It may look weird and all, but I guess that’s what skateboarding is all about… Just go for it and take whatever skateboarding gives you…

That being said we are stoked to see you guys responding well! 1000 Thanks for the tricks request and the ideas/tips to create quality footage, you help us improve and we will do our best to cover evrybody!
If you want to help us in our Eternal Quest Of Skateboading, hook us up on Fb @chachavideo and let’s play!
Brothers and sisters children of concrete and rubber, enjoy your week!
Much love to all of you, be safe, skate safe, bananas!

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    Thanks a lot fr the detailed explanation yo! Will be killing them 50-50s for sure!
    Thanks again! Peace out!

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