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Grettings to you Brothers and sisters of concrete and rubber!
Here’s another tutorial starring Gautham D Kamath, from Bangalore. The first time we met, he had a broken collar bone and even then he was on his board. 
Several months past before we even talked to each other, until that day when I was about to leave the city, for no reasons would keep me there. We randomly bumped into each other, maybe he knew, maybe the word LOST was really visible on my forehead but, for whatever reason, without knowing me that much, offered me a position to help him coach his team, the ESCAPE team. At that moment only, it clicked! Having the same view on life and sharing the same perspective skateboarding. More than friends, we became bros, going all around India, skateboarding in improbable places, met incredible people and learned so much along the way…
So here we are, a year and a half or so, at Play Arena, trying some new stuff with one of his favorite tricks, to avoid saying his signature trick, enjoying the day and what it had to give. So let’s cut the crap and go straight for it, 'The Backside Hurricane Grind' with my Man Happy, in the hope that it will help you pursue your Eternal Quest Of Skateboarding or even just have fun with some new tricks is more than enough!! ;)

Until next time, you guys stay sharp, skate safe and drink plenty of water!
Much Love & peace!
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    How do you do a backside demonitization?

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