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Hey Guys!! Here we are at Play Arena, enjoying the morning lights, ready for a nice sesh!! Today, for this episode of break-it-down we are going to have a look at Boardslides, more specifically, frontside boardslide!
I learned this trick properly last year when I first met the StoneyPoney Gautam on his trip to Bangalore and because that dude spent most of his time in LA, his skills and advices are sharp and very helpful…
So yes, after witnessing my tremendous lack of control for that trick, making it fakie out at all times, not being able to exit properly, he shared his perspective on the subject…
“Want to FsBoard? Think FsRock!”
Anyway, here’s the break down for you! Hope it’ll help you out as much as it helped me, eitherway I still love you!
Help us making in more stuff like this, ask for some trick request to check out in the comments down below or even message us!! If we can do it, we’re good! if we don’t? Well, I guess we’ll learn!
Until next time may the peace be with you, skate safe, stay safe and have a pineapple!

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  • Posted on by Jude

    Can you do an ep on making a line – like rock and roll – tail stall – fakie rock – 50 – 50 etc

  • Posted on by Akshat

    Cool edit Jules.. keep these coming, i still have a long way to go with board slides…!

  • Posted on by Monkey Man

    hey guys this is done so well! real helpful, and the dude is so clean with the trick. yew!

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