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Here we are with another tutorial, 100% french or A la Francaise!
I met Sian W'aan last year in Delhi during the first edition of Jugaad - Skateboarding Competition, he was 16 at the time and we obviously clicked straight up! He’s French, I’m french, no need to draw you a picture. Anyway, In town for a couple of weeks, we decided to do the best of it, skating most of the local parks etc…


This dude has an incredible flow and hunger for the '!' Indeed, after skating for a decade, you really develop your style… All the tricks are thought to look nice, even an Ollie becomes something more than just a jump… The perspectives on the environment, once out of reach, become accessible for the one who knows his stuff, and for those who are around well, it just a gift of knowledge, so you sit tight, you watch and learn… and film also! ;)
His motivations are as equal to his dedication for the game. Raw and real, aggressively smooth, I witnessed the power of  mind over the mind, when your technique doesn’t matter but how big is your will…  Getting caught in that contagious flow is one of my highlights of 2016, for we both grew up as a person in the game. But we are not here to be flattered, but to present to you, for the first time a cool dude, a friend, a brother who live the life as it should be lived - with passion, boldness and a smile!
Here’s for you some glimpse from our time together, breaking down one of his favorite tricks - Switch Heelflip!


Filming & editing by Cha-cha Videos
Until next time, skate safe, be safe and have a pineapple!

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