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At the Jugaad Skateboarding Competition, Delhi © Gautham Nalasingu
Name: Devendra Uniyal
Nickname: Tony
Origin: July 31,1992 | Haldwani (HLD) , Nainital
In Goa by © Samuel Ferreira
Started Skating: 2012
Why'd You Start Skating: My brain fed on skateboarding subconsciously through movies , music n play station till I turned 12. Also when at age 5 I was travelling with my family and I saw a skateboard in real life. Unfortunately I was like 50 meters away from those two boys who were trying to bomb that hill in Nainital and I was so curious to check out the thing they were playing with but didn’t get the chance. Then a few years later my dad bought me the CD of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 and then everything changed.
Preferred Style: Its a hunger so anything which comes on ma way, I skate.
Signature Trick: I do not have it yet but I am still tripping with 360 Flip rotation, after that Late shuvs and full cabs keep trippin me out these days.

© Aditya Gupta
Favorite Hometown Spot: Its a nice 5 stair set at Dominos pizza in Kathgodam, Sidewalk of my city, Kathgodam Railway station has some real nice flat ground and of course all huge downhills.
Best Spot in India: Connaught place in Central Delhi is the best one from my view, coz there I grew up as a skater but sk8 spots in Goa are also amazing.
Skate Crew: Freemotion Sk8 Crew

Board Slide © Aditya Gupta
Happiest Achievement: Well everyday is a new achievement day for me! But happiest achievement I have to say is when I realized that the skate park I was working on with my crew is now completed and finally I can skate it after 3 long months and another is when I reached Mount Everest base camp with ma homies after trekking for like 18 straight days in deadly weather conditions.
Worst Fails: My first was the worst when my ankle got twisted so bad as I was trying to drop out from a kicker and another fail I remember when I was at the Freemotion sk8park to see off our Guruji- Steve Weightman and we were having a heavy mini ramp session and I slipped off from the coping and got that shoulder dislocation but thanks to ma people especially Sang(DAU) who pulled me out from that bad situation.

Video by (Ronnie) ARN and Rohan Gurung (JIMMY)
Supporters: Freemotion sk8park supported me in so many ways and Sometimes my Mom and Dad supports me.
Favorite Skaters: Nilton Neves, Bastien Salabanzi, Chad Muska, Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg, Brandon westgate, Tiago Lemos, PRod, P J Ladd, Subba and Shake from Bangalore, Stevie Williams, Chris Haslam & Daewon Song.
Inspiration: There is hell lot of inspiration I get from my Mom & Dad and the people around me.

Favorite Music Artists: ARN (ma homie), Eminem, Led Zeppelin, Slash, Aesop rock, Atif Aslam, Mohit Chauhan, Pink Flyod and so on.
Favorite Skate Brands: Chocolate, Cliche, DC, Darkstar & Independent.
Favorite Website: The Berrics!

© Aditya Gupta
City for skating: Barcelona city
Your Board Setup: Skatepark deck 8.1, Bullet trucks, BMT bearings, darkstar wheels and Oxelo grip tape.

© Aditya Gupta
Word of Advice to Fellow Skaters: Music and Skateboarding are only the two real things made by HUMANS , so live it .
DU Quote:
"Never Give Up! Coz there’s always a hope around you so just look for it and believe in yourself."
- Devendra Uniyal aka Tony
© Aditya Gupta
More About Tony: "I sometimes try astral projection but never happens. Naruto and Ichigo are my left and right hand nobody says a bad word about anime in front of me! I can play Call Of Duty: Black ops 1,2,3 upto 25 hours & I love bikes. I am from small town HLD (Nainital) where I've grown up as a teenager and stay with my family. I completed my School and shifted to Delhi in search of new hope, then I started working as well as continued skating and found some really nice people here in Delhi. Because of a 5 day working week I wouldn’t get the time to skate so 2 years back I decided to leave my job and now I work part time and I am happy at least I can skate as much as I want."
Learn More About Tony | Follow Him on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
Image Credits: Aditya Gupta, Gautham Nalasingu, Samuel Ferreira & Friends!


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    Keep sparkling, all the best wishes for your dreams 😃

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    Love the way u sKate. .
    My Idol Devendra Sir. .
    Wanna meet you. .
    You are an Awesum sportsman. .!!
    Keep it up !!

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    Good job Tony… very proud of you…

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    Dude I’m coming to Delhi to skate with Devindra. He da man!

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    Good One

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