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Band Name: Doctor Zebra
Jay Kinra – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Vinay Rao – Bass / Backing Vocals
Amit Bhatia – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Anurag Sawangikar – Drums / Backing Vocals
Location: Pune | India

Genre: Punk Rock
Date of inception: June 2014
Albums Released: Surfer Girl

A still from the music video of Surfer Girl/ Album Name: Surfer Girl
What is your music background? 
Doctor Zebra music has been spawned from an addiction to cheeky lyrics, coffee (and all forms of caffeine), sympathetic adolescents and a blatant disregard to any specific genera. Good tunes, good vibes.        
What's the idea behind the formation of Doctor Zebra?
It was formed when at the age of 36 frontman Jay K took a new years resolution to put together a band and play a few punk rock shows before he got too old!        

Who is your typical fan?
We are generally liked by the skaters, surfers, the misfits and the punk rockers.       
What are your songs about? 
Our songs cover a lot of topics from ex-girlfriends to sports, to general trials and tribulations from adolescents to adulthood. 

Do you write your own songs? 
Yes we write our own songs. We have more than 30 originals, though we have only recorded 8 songs in the studio. The process is generally Jay comes up with a verse & chorus, kinda the rough sketch of the song. Then we jam them to conceive of the remaining parts. Everyone throws in their ideas during this creative process.  
Who are your musical influences?
So many across multiple generas: NOFX, Descendants, Sublime, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Gutter Mouth, Bad Religion, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Skatolites, Jimmy Cliff, The Doors, Crass, Jurassic 5, Jackson 5, Too many others to list.

Doctor Zebra Bandcubator Performance at High Spirits, Pune
Favourite Venues:  High Spirits, Blue Frog, Hard Rock
Favourite Music Website: OK Listen, Fat Wreckords
City for Music (In the world): San Francisco, California

Happiest Achievement: Getting into Rolling Stone Magazine (Read the full article here)
Worst Moments:  Breaking Strings while performing
Events lined up:  We are excited to be playing the Go Skateboarding Day event in Bangalore hosted by Vans & Holystoked

Little known fact: Our drummer is perpetually in Pyjamas
Other skills in the band: Skateboarding, Extreme Bird Watching with Gautham Kamath  
Word of advice to fellow musicians: "Get a Job"
An original Doctor Zebra Quote: 
'To be absolutely bland normal, is the most punk rock (against the grain) one can be.'
- Doctor Zebra


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    These guys rocked it at Hard Rock Cafe. Def see them if you get a chance

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