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Name: Vinay Menon
Origin: September 30, 1983 | Pune

Favorite Hometown Spot: Dighi Hills
City for Riding: Pune City, cause of the number of good riders and proximity to fun hills!

Started Riding: 1998/ 99
Why Did You Start Riding: I wanted to do Motocross as a kid, closest I came to that was riding a bicycle on the hill! Saw a few bicycle TV commercials around 1994 and then a race on Prime Sports -“DH Mania” (1995). Got the idea, that I could ride down a hill and have more fun!

Favored Discipline: Freeride! Some Downhill Races sometimes. I enjoy riding my Road bike too!
Signature Trick: I like natural lines. Cliff drops, gaps and natural jumps are fun. Not fond of tricks as such, but like the feel of a clean table. 360s and X-ups add to the good times too.

Best Spot in India: Spiti and Leh/Ladakh for freeriding. Uttarkhand and Kerala have many hidden forest trails for all day fun!
Ride Crew: Mostly alone. But have grown up with many good Indian riders! From the new brigade, Ajay Padval, Ignatius Chen, Gautam Taode.

Happiest Achievement: Winning the “Ultimate Summer of Freeride” which allowed me to ride with my idols! And, landing my first 360 on a BMX 10 years ago followed by the first 360 on a mountain bike in 2010. And a fun spinning trick I landed 1 year ago is a good memory.
Worst fails: Crashes are not fun!

Supporters: Psynyde Bikes, Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine. Along with Haul Apparel India.
Favorite Rider: Grew up watching freeriders like, Brett Tippie, Dan “Dangerous” Cowan, Wade Simmons, Josh Bender and many other OGs from the late 90's. Other than them, Cam Zink, Darren Berrecloth, Kyle Strait, Geoff Gulevich, Andreu Lecondeguy, riders who paved freeriding’s direction.
Inspiration: Anyone who is having the most fun on a bike!

Favorite Music Artist: Skull Fist, 3 Inches of Blood, Kalmah, Clams Casino, Michael Jackson!
Favourite MTB Brands: Any brand with quality design, giving a good time on the trail.
Favorite Website: www.google.com / www.youtube.com / www.freeridermag.in

Your Bike Set-up: My main Downhill rigs, a Psynyde “Psymptom” Prototype DH frame on a Fox 40 Fork, Fox DHX4 Rear Shock, Sun Ringle Wheels, Psynyde cockpit. And the Polygon Collosus DH9 with Fox 40 upfront Fox DHX2 Rear and DeeMax wheels, Shimano Saint throughout with Psynyde Handle Bar, Stem, Crowns, Pedals.

Word of advice to fellow Riders: Ride for fun. Chase progression! Respect other trail users.
A quote Vinay often thinks about:
"If you haven't found something worth dying for, you haven't lived!"
It's on the lines of something Martin Luther King, Jr. said." 
Photo by © Gitesh Gupta
More about Vinay: He is an awesome sports videographer & editor, using creativity at its best. He's a co-Founder at “Psynyde Bikes” and a deputy Editor at Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine. Besides landing some of the best jumps India has to offer, he also gets on his road Cycle and BMX occasionally. Vinay follows MX quite a bit, doesn't ride though.
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Images Courtesy: vinaymenon.com


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    Cheers Aaryan! Sunday Funday sounds FUN! Catchya guys soon..

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    Sooooooooooooo awesoooooome maaaaan!
    Vinay I’m looking forward to see you at Active8 Sunday funday! Peace out

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