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Content Contributed by Ankit Saboo (co-founder) Finkick Adventures
The team at Finkick Adventures believe that SCUBA opens up an individual to surreal beauty, both within and outside. We are a bunch of passionate individuals striving to provide an authentic SCUBA experience to everyone. We work towards opening up the world of SCUBA to as many people as possible because we believe that SCUBA is life changing. 

SCUBA Diving is one of the fastest growing adventure sport in the country. Each major city has atleast 1-2 in-land dive centers which has made diving accessible to more and more people. 
However, there is a lack of understanding of a real quality diving experience because of which there are places like Tarkali, Murudeshwar etc which are thriving on giving a cheap and quick experience but without any safety precautions in terms of equipment or trained instructors.
Finkick the idea and how it came about. 
Kshitij (co-founder Finkick) and I both belong from an engineering background. Kshitij went to the University of York to pursue masters in Electronics with a specialization in NanoTechnology. He was introduced to water at a very early stage in his life and once he took to diving, there was no looking back.
I have a degree in Computer Engineering specializing in processor design and microcontrollers. I was running my family business for 4 years which I left and started at Finkick about a couple of years back.
The idea with Finkick is to give an authentic SCUBA experience to people because we think that SCUBA opens you up to beauty both within and outside. SCUBA has given us some life changing moments and we want more and more people to experience it.

The space we have and the activities you do.
We have a pool center in Pune with a 16 feet deep diving well where we carry out SCUBA training, one-time experiences and all other shenanigans that you see on our page!
Apart from SCUBA, we play Underwater Hockey and Underwater Rugby; both being international sports and us being the only people in the country playing them.
A pool center is just a stepping stone and aims at getting SCUBA closer to people by providing them an experience in the city itself. Also, training for ocean diving in the pool makes sense as you have to deal with lesser variables and you can learn at your own pace and comfort.

The festival we celebrated recently - Pune Underwater Festival 2016.
PUF was a result of us trying to reach a number we have in our head and not being able to achieve it through the pre-existing thought process. We realized that we need to reach out to more people in order to achieve our targets and hence the idea of PUF was conceptualized.
The idea was to bring Diving and Underwater activities closer to people. The PUF was a platform where 100 people were diving together and it brought together a community of instructors, old divers and people who have never dived!

Slacklining & waterlining at PUF.
We were introducted to Slacklining through Navin (Active8 Sports) very casually and instantly we caught on to it. When the idea of the festival came about, we realised that it would be amazing to have a waterline setup where experienced slackers and people slacking for the first time try it out.
It was an instant hit as it is a super-engaging activity which can be tried by everyone. There is no equipment required and it is just yourself and your understanding of your balance that is needed.
Kshitij and I have become regular slackers (still beginners) and would love to take slacking along with us to other events that we do.

Upcoming plans.
We are gearing up for the summers - which sees the most interest in water activities. Also, we are planning out our next events and exploring Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi as the next venue.
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