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There's a new skate spot on it way in the country, in the city of Nawaabs! This is WallRide Park we're talking about, with an approximate 11,600 sq.ft of shred. Speaking with Hamza Khan, here's more from the man behind it all;

Tell us about Wallride Park India Pvt Ltd.
WallRide India is a company striving towards promoting and supporting extreme sports and fitness. Started and run by Hamza Khan (CEO) & Ikram Khan (CFO). Noticing the evident lack of infrastructure for extreme sports (and plentiful skilled individuals) in the city and most parts of the country. This is also in efforts to promote fitness and using non motorised means of transport. The overall vision is to promote extreme sports all over the country, be it in the form of parks, training workshops or individual support.
After inception in October 2016, we have our first national project coming up in Hyderabad. Another one in the UAE is a dropped idea by Robert Conseco a mountain biker and friend from Mexico, who lives in Dubai, and who supported me with the idea.
Walk us through the materialization of Wallride Park Hyderabad;
Initially the plan was to just build a dirt pump track, but as I became more familiar with the huge cycling community and the undiscovered skateboarding community, I saw the potential in building a state of the art facility for these people to hone their skills and others to begin their journey there. In the process we came across many pump track builders, but Velosolutions stuck out, having experience in parts of the world like the Philippines, Thailand and Bali, we knew they could handle the challenge of building in India, and after riding their pump track in Thailand I was confident they were the ones.
Holystoked being one of the building blocks of skateboarding in India were an easy decision. At which point I faced the fact that my level of investment increased drastically. After getting rejected at countless investor meetings and  the idea being shot down even on a level of advice, I turned to my dad, Ikram Khan, pitched the idea to him, it took a while, but eventually he came around, I got him to see what I see every day, since then his and my family’s support has been unwavered, they were the key support in making this happen, financially and operationally even more so.

The idea behind an investment of this nature.
WallRide Park is a purpose built park in Hyderabad, aiming to promote extreme sports and fitness, to provide already skilled individuals and novices alike, with the infrastructure to up their game! WallRide Park Hyderabad is just a first in our mission, we hope to grow both the size and variety of our parks, and skill and enjoyment of the people who use them.
The team behind the design & build.
Pump Track Team: Velosolutions Global – Claudio Caluori, Ben Josi, Claudio Schnurenberger
Velosolutions, the most incredible beings I've witnessed at work, these guys coming from freezing switzerland worked from 8am to 8pm most days with a maximum of half an hour of break time (like 3; 10 min breaks in the day). In 36 degrees of Hyd heat, using heavy machinery all day and completed the pump track in 10 days, it was incredible seeing the speed and perfection of their work, a HUGE shoutout to their work ethic, professionalism, and finished product. Shout out the CEO of the company and world renowned Mountain biker Claudio Caluori who was with us in charge of the build and  lived up to his HARDCORE status, working the compactors like they're toys. Shout out to Claudio Schnurenbrger and Ben Josi who apart from being the rest of the pump track team, helped us design and build the WallRide.
Skatepark Team: Holystoked Collective – Abhishek, Baumi, Michael, Dhruv, Toni
Holystoked Collective, shout out to Michael who’s killing the build and shredding the pump track with fresh stitches on his elbow! Shake, Dhroov, Baumi and Toni busting their asses to give us a sweet skatepark, their combined experiences are evident in the build quality standards they hold in their work.
And the Volunteers...
Piyush Chavan (Scott India)
Omair Quadri (Eika)
Leanna Cockburn (Ciclo Bike shop)
Sushant Kumar (local skateboarder)
Ajay Padval (Psynyde)
The project and construction progress. 
The construction dates were planned strategically by us, in hopes of making it as quick and efficient as possible, pump track first!
Pump track construction dates: 15th February – 25th February
Skatepark construction dates: 23rd February – 23th March
Airbag and Structure Fabrication: 25th March – 2nd May
The pump track is ready, skatepark should be ready to use by April 15th, and everyone will be free to use these facilities at no cost till the inauguration which will be in Mid may, after which we will have hourly, daily and monthly packages for the park, along with training and BMX / MTB gear rental.
What can one expect once it's ready? 
The whole park is spread across approximately 11,606 sq.ft of area. Of which; the skatepark is approx 203 sq.m/ 2,185 sq.ft (area) & the pumptrack is approx 875 sq.m/ 9,418 sq.ft (area including greens) / 165m straights
Apart from the skatepark and pump track, there'll be an Airbag jump. The park will also have a snack store, MTB & BMX rentals, a mini Pro-shop and viewing decks .
The thought behind making it skateboarding inclusive.
In my vision of an extreme sports haven, inclusion of skateboards, in-lines, scooters  was a no-brainer, especially with the in-house talent the city already has!
Can people interested get in touch to build a park or similar facility. 
We are in the process of becoming VeloSolutions India, to be able to concentrate on increasing the number of pump tracks in India, we already have made a few plans on expanding but we need interest to grow in the sport, we hope WallRide Park Hyderabad will help develop it. If anyone is seriously interested in building one, we’d love to hear your ideas and take it forward from there!
Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Dubai watching the extreme sports channel all day, but I was a fat lazy kid :P  I moved to India with my family after college, and picked up my dad's old MTB in Bangalore, just riding the streets, occasionally going to Kolar, Nandi hills and Bannerghatta. After getting into MTB, distracted by the adrenaline I couldn’t look back. I shifted to Hyderabad working for a Real estate company, which was around the time I started getting obsessed with the sport and got a BMX. When the reality of the Idea hit me I quit my job, ready to work towards my passion. In brief, I listen to all music (primarily Metal), enjoy cycling of all types and unhealthy food.
Have you tried skateboarding?
Yes, I used to skateboard as a kid, but just play around with it and commute (could land an Ollie at best) but I always had an affinity towards cycling.
How long have you been involved in BMXing?
I've been riding BMX for around 10 months now, and MTB for 2 years before that, never professionally, just as a passionate hobby, before which it was mostly races to the food court :P
Your current BMX set-up?
Frame - DK Helio
Handle Bars - Cult Cuatro
Grips - Vans Cult 
Fork - DK stock
Stem - Wise Chrome
Cranks - WiseCranks
BB - odyssey 
Sprocket - Wise
Rims - Sunringle
Tyres - Merritt Option
Spokes - éclat
Hubs (rear and front) - éclat Cortex
Pegs - WeThePeople Toxic
A statement on the BMXing scene in India.
As far as I've seen, there’s incredible talent in India, even with minimal support and that’s incredibly inspiring, to see skill rising above basic limitations.
What are you personally most excited about in regards to shredding the Wallride park?
The China Bank ledge, (I love grinds and slides of all types) & the pump track berm to skatepark quarter pipe transfer !
Message to our readers.
"kids put your helmet strap on!"

Get more information on the Wallride Park Hyderabad on their official website or their Facebook page @wallrideparkhyd
The location of the park: #315, Snehita Hills, Chevalla Road, PeeranCheruvu, Peeranchuruvu, Hyderabad, Telangana 500091 (it's on Google maps as ‘wallride park’)
Image Courtesy; EIKA


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