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What is up, guys! Chacha here with some sugar for you, all for you!! I would like to point out the fact that quite a few people have asked for this one. So shout out to all of you who made it loud and clear, WE GOT YOU!! This weeks episode, How to KICKFLIP boys and girls!! 

The Kickflip & It's Progression:

For those who don’t know, Kickflip was not just an accident, but Rodney Mullen’s accident. So back in the early 80’s, the trick selection was more than limited and the game had another dimension. Refresh your memories with this video from a freestyle contest back in 1986:
So back in the days, Shovits in all ways. They could Gazelle spin but no flips, when accidentally popping his Ollie, the board started flipping and that was it. The most common thing that we take for granted, we tend to forget how much courage it took for the other dudes to take that stuff to the streets or on ramps. Without knowing or even having seen anybody try that before!
And here we are now after 40 years or so of relentless evolution. 360 flips, BS Flips, Varial Flips, the bag is deep and has been offered to us with videos of each and every actual trick, thousands of tutorials, etc. Man if you really want it, it’s right there, have some and go out and try it, it’s up to you!!  As long as you are satisfied at the end of the day! Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Watch Now: How To Kickflip - Break It Down India

Thanks for the love, support & messages, very much appreciated!

What trick would you like to see next?

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Be safe, skate safe, stay sharp and Beetroot juices guys, yeaaaah, Beetroot juices…

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    Inspiring Blogs. Keep coming!

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    thanks jules von chacha bro, almost getting it, feels like its taking forever!

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    juliannnnn, it took me 1 month but i learnt it, wooooo, thanks mate.

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