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What is up guys, Chacha here with a new trick tip! For this episode we are going to go through some transition tricks. So without further ado I present to you, The Rock to Fakie!

5 Basic Tricks Every Skater Should Know

One of the 5 basic tricks (Rock ‘n’ Roll, 50-50 Stall, 5-0 Stall, Tail Stall), you absolutely need it, there’s no way around it, it’s imperative. Soon you’ll be able to explore mini-ramps, bowls and whatsoever you please!!

Rock To Fakie Explained

For this game, versatility plays a major role, exploring the possibilities is a good way to gain confidence and reinforce your skills. It is awesome to skate a manny pad or some flat-grounds for hours but it is even better to be able to jump to the mini ramp straight up and have the same fun. 
Sooo here’s for you, transition explorers and thrill seekers in the hope that it’ll help you out!! Thanks again for your suggestions. Your patience and kindness goes straight to our hearts!!
How to Rock To Fakie - Break It Down India
1.Front Truck Over The Coping


How to Rock To Fakie - Break It Down India
 2. Press the Back Truck 


How to Rock To Fakie - Break It Down India
 3. Put back the Front Truck 


Check Out the Rock To Fakie Exclusive Video

 What’s your favorite trick you do everyday?

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Be safe, skate safe, stay sharp, the classic pineapple… Extra Love, Extra Peace!

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    Thanks for the videos & I’m showing it to my Kids. :D

  • Posted on by Rakesh

    Good to see Chacha Videos explaining the Skateboarding tricks & learnt a lot.

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