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This time we're going over 'How to set-up your custom skateboard'. The gear we've used for this particular skateboard complete are; 
  • Plan B Felipe Prism P2 8" Skateboard Deck
  • Thunder x Mob Sheet Leader Skateboard Griptape & 1″ Philips Bolts Hardware
  • Bullet Standard 8.0" Skateboard Trucks
  • Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full 101Du 53mm Skateboard Wheels & T3 Skate Tool
  • Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
In the video below Niel Chorei (Skateboarding in Tripura) shows us how to put together your own skateboard;
First, keep all your components together in one place, a table or some where on a flat surface.
Second, get your deck and put a griptape on it. Make sure air bubbles dont get in there and be careful your grip is very strong, once you place a grip on the skate deck, it will be difficult for you to remove it again. So, make sure you put the grip on the deck properly.
Third, once you get your griptape down the deck, make an outline of the deck on its edges. Things you can use for marking an outline- (a) Screwdriver (b)Truck (c) Skatetool, etc.
Forth, cut off the extra griptape from the edges 9as neat as possible). Use any kind of sharp tool, for example - blade, knife, razor cutter, etc.
Fifth, Take a piece of the extra griptape you cut earlier. Stick it together in your hand, use the roughside and rub the edges properly. This so the grip gets a good stick on your board.
Sixth, Fit the trucks, Insert your hardware bolts to create gaps through the grip where the trucks will fit. Place your trucks and use your skate tool or any screwdriver to screw it on. Make sure your trucks are tight and not too loose. Also don't over tighten the bolts, or your deck will start to crack on impact.
Seventh, Put on the wheels & bearings. Start by fitting your bearings to your wheels. Put in the bearing on one side of the wheel, you can do that with your truck to push the bearing in properly. Repeat this with the other bearings. Next drop the washer onto the axle and then the wheel and the the wheel nut. Tighten it up with your skate tool. Not so much or else the wheel will get stuck, keep a lil gape between the screw and the wheel and do the same to rest of the wheels.
Now your board is all put together, adjust the kingpin to loosen up the trucks for your comfort of riding. So now you are ready to roll!
Ride safe and keep shreding, from the crew over at Skateboarding in Tripura. 

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    Cool!! The video is very impressive!!
    I too want that Plan B Skateboard Deck

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