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This weekend saw a collaboration of connoisseurs of the field of Extreme Sports in India, XSAI, Casio and DC, in the creation of the first Indian Extreme Nationals. This high octane event saw athletes participate from all over the country and was presided by a panel of professional athletes headed by Warren Stuart, the Vice- president of the Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports and also the head judge of the Asian Extreme Sports Federation.

Extreme sports in India has had a slow growth curve due to the lack of enough platforms that would make the sport lucrative for the youth to participate in. Other factors include a scarcity of ramps and arenas for practice and the lack of much needed education and training for the sport.
This call to arms for all athletes was answered by some of the most prolific extreme sport communities of India, namely: HolyStoked, Team8e, RideBMX India, Active8 Sports and more. The offer of a ramp of international standards, international judges and a platform that would give an athlete the motivation to work for recognition was all that the extreme sport scenario of India needed.
Casio with an open heart provided for the creation of the event and honoured the best athletes with G-Shock watches. They also helped spread the word on digital media for a huge bump in the participation of athletes and also in riling up enthusiasts for the event.
XSAI created numerous videos, used their database of athletes for promotional purposes on digital media and also created an open to all free registration portal for all athletes who wished to participate. XSAI also created an alluring on-ground presence that would incite bystanders to be a part of the event.
DC with immense generosity gave all winners gift vouchers of lucrative values that enticed athletes to perform better while also creating an atmosphere of high voltage excitement. Ocean provided with their vitamin water for the energetic upkeep of all the athletes so that their performance never falters.

Numerous winning athletes came up in this celebration of sports in various categories with applaudable performances; namely:
Skateboarding Park:
Gold- Nikhil Shelatkar
Silver- Mohammed Khadir
Bronze- Anish Christopher
    Skateboarding Juniors:
    Gold- Devappa Devu Deva
    Silver: Arjoon Rao
    Bronze- Shubham Surana
      BMX Park:
      Gold- Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit
      Silver- Dhroov Rajpal
      Bronze- Nikhil Dhon
        BMX Flatland:
        Gold- Yusuf Shaik
        Silver- Annul Pale
        Bronze- Pravin Habib
          It was the first time that so many athletes had come under a similar banner and the atmosphere was one of exuberance and happiness. Hopefully, future installments of the event will be even better.
          It is such generosity that a sport in its infancy needs to create a niche for itself in the ever changing scenario of India. With the Indian Extreme Nationals, the market is already a buzz with energy for more and this buzz needs only the support of such great brands, associations and fans to reach a fever pitched crescendo. All this sport needs is support from athletes and the various communities who actually bring out the sport from the grassroots. Extreme sports have already gained much influence with such enthusiasm and in the near future, these unions are sure to make extreme sports a household name and a common parallel sport.


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