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This year not only was Jugaad - The Skateboarding Competition, bigger and better but a whole lot gnarlier!!! Right from Jacob Wiese's pop over 16 (wide) boards during an impromptu longest Ollie challenge .....
...to grom skater Yug Dave keeping up with 11 boards. This is what gives Jugaad its identity. Created and founded by skaters Gautham D Kamath and Don Bach (NNTV Founder) along with extreme sports solutions Taatvik, this is India's first open skateboard competition. Read on for the low down.
The three day competition was held at PLAY ARENA Bangalore this year with support from DC Shoes, Holystoked Collective, Homegrown, Attitude, Play Arena, Xtreme Sports Bar and Active8 Sports. This year also saw direct involvement from international brands - Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels and Thunder Trucks via Active8. Another new element was a Grom category and an extra day to wrap up the steam from 6 different countries. That's right, India, Nepal, Germany. France, Russia, Maldives!
The contest categories were:
I : Expression Session (Above 14 yrs of age) - One minitue lines with 5 runs to clean it up. And 3 qualifying rounds. 
1st Place : Jacob Wiese (Germany)
2nd Place: Ali (Maldives) 
3rd Place: Sian Wa'an (France)
4th Place: Mohammed Khadir (India)

II : Game of S.K.A.T.E - We all know how this goes!
Winner: Jacob Wiese (Germay)
Runner Up: Nikhil Shelatkar (India)

III : Best Trick - Everyone who participated in this category got 5 tries to land their favored trick on this insane fun box built by Holystoked Collective!
Winner : Sian Wa'an (France)

Last (and trust me on this one) but not the least;
IV :  Grom Expression Session (Below 14 yrs of age) - All this kids with beautiful flow and excellent shredding power were given the same one minute lines in five runs each. 
1st Place : Yug Dave (India)
2nd Place : Aahaan Sachin (India)
3rd Place :  Mahin Tandon (India)

And the Judges, Darius Bharuc & Tribhuvan Kokkula made a surprise pick too, this year! Sagar Waghela got special appreciation for pushing himself and all the effort he put in to up his game! All the skaters across India that made it to Jugaad this year showed some serious skills and enthusiasm!

All the winners bagged cash prizes (In mighty big cheques) and scads of awesome merchandise, enough to keep their passion alive until it's time for Jugaad - The Skateboarding Competition Edition 3! 

Stay posted for more on Skateboarding India!
Image Courtesy: Gautham Nalasingu & Jugaad Skateboarding Competition!



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    Insane in the membrane!

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    Neat shots by Gee as usual! Lookin fwd to the edit from the weekend!

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