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© Anisha Coelho
Name: Julian Marsala 
Nickname: Jules Von Chacha
Origin: April 12, 1988 | Paris, France | Currently lives in India

Delhi © Kazuyuki Takita
Started Skating: 2014 age 26
Stance: Regular
Favored Discipline: Street most of it. I like to go high on kickers or transition, I love big ledges, stairs, rails, transfers... 
Signature Tricks: I like kick flips and its variations. Front side boardslide 180 out on rails, Halfcab boardslide to fakie. 

Play Arena, Bangalore © Anisha Coelho
Best spot in India: Varanasi... Best place I saw. Insanely rough but beautiful set of stairs everywhere... Longing the Ganga river, Incredible.
City for Skating: Paris! This city is wonderful for skating, of course indoor parks are there, but the streets, pure silky asphalt, marble ledges everywhere etc... At night, with all those lights by the river, natural pole jams, banks.... Bangalore is pretty awesome too, rough I agree, but still pretty awesome! Can't wait to check Bombay up with the new park though. Varanasi!!

In Varanasi © Anisha Coelho
Skate Crew: ESCAPE
Sponsors: My girlfriend Anisha and my friend Happy. She believes in what I'm doing and support me since day one, the same for him. 
Inspiration: In Bangalore, I met Happy, who asked me to teach kids with him. I wasn't really inspired about the "Teaching" school-related process, but lucky me, he and I share the same ideas. Those same kids, you skate with them, hang with them, witness their skills growing... I guess that's the best Inspiration you can get.

Team ESCAPE © Anisha Coelho
Happiest Achievement: Coming to India, made a life out of skating and all the rest that happens to me since.
Worst fail: Yesterday, I got a wheel bite, full speed, climbing on that bump at the park and got catapulted in the air, hit the second bump and flew over it...  I just stayed there for a while... Shocked that nothing really bad happened, but that'll teach me to show off.
Favorite Skaters: Jason Park, Austyn Gilette, Dany Way.
Favorite skate brand: I don't have any. As long as it is true to the skateboarding scene and not just a side branch of distribution. Haul Apparel, BRGTN or Holystoked, to me, are the best you can get
Favorite website: Active8Sports for sure, you guys are the only one for those pro models.

Delhi © Kazuyuki Takita
Board setup: So right now I'm skating a Almost 8.25, the one with the carbon fibre là in the middle, I forgot the name, the trucks are high 149, Bones Jaws wheels, 53mm Harp... But most of the time 8.5 decks.
Music: Lots of people, from Bach to Bowie going through Chet Baker and Cradle of Filth. I like rhythm and some South Indian songs drives me nuts, so good! But "Protest The Hero" though... Is my favorite band, ever... I saw them live two days before coming here, these people are geniuses and good writers... I like drums a lot, I like to play too and they are awesome to play, whatever...
© Anisha Coelho
Word of Advice to Fellow Skaters: I guess everybody is different and what drives may be irrelevant for others. But limits man, there is no limits but the one you fix for yourself! I guess that limits are like pots, that you filled with knowledge. Each pot has its limits, you need more in the pot, you have to go for bigger pots pushing limits again and again. Maybe it just makes sense to me, I don't know. Make bigger pot everyday I guess, it's a good way to check yourself.
JM Quote:
"There's no limit but the one you fix for yourself
-Julian Marsala aka Chacha
Free Motion Skate Park, Delhi © Gautham Nalasingu
More About Julian: I was 26 when I saw a Jason Park video called 'Forever My Home', that's when I started skateboarding. I was working as a bartender and after work instead of going party I use to go and push all over Paris at night. Then it became more and more persistent, more questions, more answers to look for. But I needed time, and it was not possible with my actual life so, I changed it. Went outside of Paris in the mountains to chill and got rid of bad habits. Then flipped a coin on a world map and here I am. Met some incredible people on the way, traveled to incredible places, skated awesome spots. Learned so much. Now, just want to be part of all this, helping with whatever I could for that scene to grow bigger and bigger. 

Learn More About Chacha | Follow him on Facebook & Youtube
Image Credits: Anisha Coelho, Kazuyuki Takita, Gautham Nalasingu & Friend

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    Great write up. Keep up the good work teaching man. Flip a coin and go! Seems like out of a movie.

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