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This one's for all you old timers, everyone who's a part of the skateboarding community in India, many of you already know this little maestro and are in awe of his talent, but for those who don't know this magician on a board, I introduce you to Nunkima Ralte a.k.a Kima, widely acknowledged as the best freestyle skateboarder in India, Kima is without equal in the country, if you're not familiar with Kima then you can check out some of his old videos here and here.
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What’s Kima been up to the past one year?
I've been doing lots of thinking about doing what I do and taking it to a new level. Like, combining tricks that don’t seem to go together and see what comes out, for example trying ramp tricks on flat or ledge drops.
What keeps you going?
We've all had times when we feel like a total screw up, when everything seems to be falling apart. In such dark times in my private life, skateboarding is the only sanctuary I have and it is what keeps me going day after day.
What’s your message to the skate community?
I don't have much inspiring words as lots of quotes and lines have become clichéd. But I'd like to say "Just be yourself when you skate, don't try to be someone big that you saw on video, you don't have to do everything they do either, JUST BE YOURSELF"
Check out Ground Rules latest video part with Kima- Skateway 3!
Video: Ground Rule, check out more of their work here.


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    wow! i loved the handstand skate to jump and continue ……cheers to the dude ;)

  • Posted on by Dhruva

    this kid kills.

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