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I met Omair like a year ago at the park and it didn't take much time for me to like the dude! 
I mean, you know, when it comes to passion and being overwhelmed regarding the game, he is the one you'd like to have by your side in days of struggle. Always smiling, with the right word or advice, patient as far as it can get, well, an excellent skate buddy invested in the community and eager to develop fearless ideas that will connect people with one another... 
An example of kindness and maturity (targeted), it is a pleasure to hang out with the dude and if it is not for his company, at least it will be for his Heelflips... There are just ridiculously beautiful!
So, yeah, he's in Bangalore for a week or so before heading back to Hyderabad, his Hometown to powder up some new projects of his own. We were there as always, looking up to the " I-kinda-wanna-do-something-big-or-maybe-we-can-do-some-other-shit-or-let's-just-shred-the-f***ing-place-up"  attitude of his, which should, if anything else, inspire us to spread the good vibes...
Speaking about good vibes.. Here's some for you!!!
Filming & Editing by Jules Von Chacha
Until next time, skate safe, be safe and have a pineapple!

Written by Jules Von Chacha
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  • Posted on by bharath

    Good luck Biryani boy. We will miss your awesome heelflips and hilarious jokes.✌?️

  • Posted on by Ronin

    Awesome article and what a mean heel flip u got kid.

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