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Band Name: The Reasonable Hope
Yaduveer Singh Thakur- Guitars
Manish Thami - Guitars
Anant Shukla - Bass
Samar Shinde - Drums
Location: Pune | India

Image © Steve Chinoy
Genre: Instrumental Rock/ Post Rock
Date of Inception: Early 2013
Albums Released: None, Debut EP to be released in JAN’17

Image © Aarish Bhathena Photography
What is the bands musical background?
The idea of the project first came up sometime in 2013 when Yaduveer was writing some material inspired by the experiences and life in his Himalayan hometown. Shortly Samar came in and both started working on the content, giving a form to the ideas and thoughts. The remaining spaces were soon filled by Manish and Anant and the band has been writing and rehearsing old and new material since then.
What's the idea behind the formation of this band?
To express what we have within. To connect with the world in a much better way!
Who is your typical fan?
The wonderful people that listen, share and subscribe our content, and show up at our gigs.

Image © Dhruv Vishwasrao
What are your songs about?
We write stuff inspired by our experiences, imaginations, nature and art.
Do you write your own songs? 
Yes, we usually come up with an idea, or some melody; contemplate about what the story/idea behind the track should be and start writing like a storyline/theme  running parallel to the music being written.
Who or what are your musical influences?
Experiences, Imagination, Nature and Art would be our primary influences. Musically, there’s an unending list of artists/composers. As much as we are influenced by major post rock bands, we feel equally inspired by Indian and western classical artists and a lot of modern- electronic/instrumental artists.
Image © Steve Chinoy
City for Music?
What's the bands happiest achievement been?
To be part of the artist line-up at INDIA SURF FESTIVAL 2016
Worst Moments?
On-stage technical glitches are the only worst times.

Image © Steve Chinoy
Favorite Venues?
Blue Frog Pune & High Spirits Cafe, Pune!
Events lined up?
TBA soon (look out for announcements on our social media pages)
Favorite Music Website?
Youtube! But we discover so much through the independent music blogs/websites in the scene like wildcity, RSJ ,rolling stone,NH7 and many more!

Image © Grid Box Studio
Word of advice to fellow musicians:
Practice, stick to the ground and spread love.
The Reasonable Hope Quote:
"We would love to quote something, but perhaps for an instrumental band, it’s the music that speaks"
- The Reasonable Hope

Image © Steve Chinoy
Little known fact: We started playing live since June’16, however it’s been about three years since we first started this project.
Other skills in the band:  Apart from being multi instrumentalists (few of us), we do love to cook, one of us likes to take falls on skateboards and well crafted herb rolls would be another skill perhaps.
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