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Panchavati Pump Track WIP | Picture Courtesy Piyush Chavan
The Pune MTB community is soon going to have a free to use pump track just outside their local trails in Panchavati (near Pashan) Pune. 
A pump-track can be ridden on all levels, from absolute beginner to pros. The mountain bike community in Pune, are excited that their riding level and quality's gonna be stepped up a notch and this whole initiative will welcome new comers to feel the same way! 
Piyush Chavan | Image Courtesy- Sync Photos
"Well I've always needed to have a pump-track to practice on because that's where all your basics can be worked on and sharpened but building one and maintaining it all by myself was a task so I asked the community of what they thought about and they jumped on the idea, we waited quite a while to get permissions and other things sorted. The design rolled in and the reason why we put this on ketto is that we wanted more people to join us and to build it so it could be more of a culture thing where you all come together and make something happen. For me I'm way too stoked to be riding on one just below my house and certainly looking forward to the extra bonus control I gain on the bike! Basically the entire goal has been to make people come together play,build,ride and maintain something that they can call their own! Cheers" Piyush's take on the initiative!
An Initiative by - INDIANSHREDDER | Supported by - Active8 Sports, Looseridersindia & BumsOnTheSaddle! And a whole lot of support from the alternative sporting community. Every supporter gets to sport a cool Indian Shredder T-shirts for your love towards this project!

Keep On Shredding!!


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    Hi Aniket. It is on. Call us at +91 9130005290 and we’d be happy to guide you there. Track is reserved for non motor vehicles.

  • Posted on by Aniket

    Woooh. Where is this place? Is it still on? What are the charges? Can I bring my motorcycle?

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