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Active8 Sports with the support of DC Shoes India hosted the first ever official go skateboarding day in Pune, Organizing a full day of skate and culture. We hit 3 scheduled spots & street spots over 11 hours, travelling in a bus full of skaters. The last venue was the main half of the day where we invited all our following. Lined up were performances by Pune Hip-Hop Renaissance and an exclusive screening of the Girl Skate India Tour Film.
First Spot - Harshdeeps Half Pipe spot, Viman nagar, Pune

A round of relay skate and a session on the road stopped by some disturbed dogs! The first spot was the meeting point early in the morning for a skater filled bus to journey onward. 

17 skaters, a mini bus and a freshly built spot to hit! Onwards we go...
Second Spot - Rolling Academy - The Bike ParkGhera Sinhagad

The Rolling Academy is a purpose built bike park for adventure and extreme sports. They recently added a concrete mini ramp in their space, designed and built by NIck Smith. Rolling Academy and the entire team offered huge support to the community around to make this day a success. 

Karthik Jain Dropping in for the mini ramp session / Image ©Dhruv Vishwasrao
The mini ramp session was one of the first sessions here, where skaters showcased their skills on a platform never shredded before. 

Kevin Bundela Manuals around an empty well / Image ©Dhruv Vishwasrao
Utilizing the entire infrastructure, the skaters showcased some skills mixed with creativity! 

Skaters showing off their prizes / Image ©Dhruv Vishwasrao
All of them rewarded with a whole lot of goodies from Active8 Sports, DC Shoes & Rolling Academy! Some new in the country MiniLogo wax, T-Tools, cool Tshirts, DC Shoes & more.

An epic down hill run just before moving on to the next spot. The fastest skater won a sic Bones Wheels hat and man was everyone else green about it!
 Third Spot - Classic Rock Coffee Co, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

At the next stop we rolled into a scene of some rad hip hop skills going down & insane rap spinning out from the StreetBeats Crew India & Pune Hip Hop Renaissance. Classic Rock Coffee Co was super kind, they allowed us to bring the house down at their venue and offered incentives for the skill showcase. CRCC Pune rocks!!

Pune Hip Hop Renaissance is an underground movement that pushes hip hop across the city and the country. This was the first 'Article 19' show down that was a surprise act by Pune H2R and there's alot about to drop on that initiative. Stay updated with these guys, their heating up the underground.

Karthik Jain with a clean 5-0 grind (won him some spitfire wheels) / Image ©Dhruv Vishwasrao
With the full fresh park set-up out for the day the skaters landed some pretty gnarly tricks. Contests on the best trick, an only rail session and an exciting game of skate among others got these guys pushing their own boundaries. 

Shubham took away a Real Skate4pie EMBS Slick Skateboard Deck for winning the Game of Skate, Karthik coming in second won a Spitfire Headed Fade Griptape and a pair of Baker sunglasses & Harshit Sarin for being the third up won a pair of DC Shoes. The skills keep getting better in this city. 

After an insane day of skate and culture exchange, we topped it off with an exclusive screening of the Girl Skate India Tour film. Girl Skate India crew went on a skate, teach & build tour in December 2015; 12 girls, 1 bus and 4 cities. Never seen before, the film definitely was a perfect ending for an epic day that made history for the local community. 
Watch the full video from this epic day, created by Exploring Diaries!

We are super stoked about the support we received from our partners and the community. Pune Skateboarding Community massive shout out for your role in organizing support, Classic Rock Coffee Co & Rolling Academy, for your support and the space you provided, Skate A Way Magazine for supporting the local scene & Pune Hip Hop Renaissance for coming out and supporting this merger of culture. Girl Skate India & Atita for her faith in Pune's growing community. Exploring Diaries coming out all the way to Pune to be a part of this initiative and y'all do a fabulous job of highlighting the underground scene in India. Keep Shredding!!!


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    The session at Classic Rock was killer!

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    The session at Classic Rock was killer!

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