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Pune Tattoo Festival is a one stop shop for everything tattoos and fringe culture. A fast growing culture in India, which is huge but lacks attention. This year will be the 4th edition of India's longest running tattoo festival and the 1st for Pune Tattoo Festival(PTF). It is attended by the best from the business from all corners of the Indian subcontinent. This edition will see around 80 Indian and international tattoo artists participating in the convention. Apart from the tattoo artists, the audience is treated with kickass music from afternoon to night along with other engaging acts.

We speak with Ronak Patel, key player in PTF & Kings Tattoo Supply, and here's his thoughts on this initiative;

Pune Tattoo Festival, tell us more about it.
Pune Tattoo Festival is 3 day event where tattoo artist from across India will gather as a brotherhood and they will represent their art and work. PTF is an event where people can explore and feel tattoos which are meant for life. Probably a tattoo is the only thing which will goes along with your body after death. It is a special thing and PTF stands for exactly that. 65+ Tattoo Artist are participating in this tattoo festival and hundreds of tattoo artist are going to visiting PTF. During the fest, 7 Bands and 2 DJ's will perform on all 3 days of the event. So in short, PTF is all about tattoos, music & fun!
Who is the team behind PTF?
The Team at Kings tattoo Supply is behind PTF. This is the first chapter of the Pune Tattoo Festival and we have put our soul into it. 
What's the vision for this festival over the next 3 years?
The tattoo Industry of India is one of the fastest and largest growing tattoo industries in the world. It is just beginning, in this era of growth whatever we will do is less. We want to reach to  every possible person out there and we want to showcase our industry talent. So all upcoming years initiatives we will go bigger and bigger so that we can show where the industry stands.
What can we expect at the festival this year, 2016?
It is the great chance to meet India's best tattoo artists at one place. Where you can share your ideas or consult the artist to get your tattoo done. PTF has some amazing line up of bands and DJ's which will entertain you throughout the 3 days. Booze counters will keep your spirit high and BOX8 food counters will fill your stomach. Pramod Sahu, India's best Realistic rangoli artist will show his amazing rangoli live and, you guys at Active8 Sports will set-up a skateboarding platform to teach and jam. Besides that there's a whole lot of good vibes & art! 
Some of the big and better known artists coming down for the festival.
In art world there is nothing like Big or small artist but yes senior or junior artist you can say. So out of the mix of talent we will have at the fest, some names are Sameer Patanghe, Niloy Das ,  Rahul Ghare, Amit, Pinku, Mykel, Sunny Bhanushali, Mukesh and many many more awesome artists are on board!

Find out more about Pune Tattoo Festival on the official website and the event page!

Kings Tattoo Studio:

Kings Tattoo Supply has been the leading Tattoo supplier in India since 2008. They manufacture and import material from all major brands, making it more accessable in India. They are the authorized distributors of Bloodline/ Skincandy, Dynmaic, Tatwax, Cam supplies, Eternal inks, and many more. They are also the creators of one of the most popular tattoo machine and needle brand " Jaguar".
Check out their website at www.tattoosupply.co.in

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