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In the world of action sports there is always an obstacle needed and Freshpark is the only company in the world that can do what it does! Portable obstacles are obstacles that can be transported, linked, placed, or moved with only one or two people. No fork lift required. 
In skateboarding you need boxes, rails, curbs, ramps, poles, and anything else the street has taught you how to hit. Along with producing over 25 obstacles under the Freshpark Brand, Freshpark also makes obstacle for Element, Darkstar, and Mike V.

They were created for Skateboarding, Longboarding, Scootering, BMX, Mountain Bike, Balance Bikes, Inline, and even RC Car racing. Freshpark took over 2 years to just create the perfect riding surface with their ABS/URETHANE blend. 

The FRESHPARK line of ramps & boxes were created by professional skateboarder Roger Hickey. 

More on Roger Hickey;
He was one of the pioneers of speedboarding and his pro model for Madrid was the first production longboard with concave. Roger Hickey being a creative person since age 10, developed freshpark.In in the year 2000. In skateboarding he has won 314 races in 21 years, 18 world championships and the only IOC Olympic gold medal ever given to a skateboarder. He has won 20 world championships in Street Luge with 287 victories and 10 world championships in Gravity Formula one. Here's an image of Thrasher Magazines cover from 1981, featuring Roger Hickey and John Hutson!

Roger Hickey and John Hutson | Thrasher Magazine 1981
He was also a professional photographer, designer, artist & trade show booth designer. Using his skills he came up with the only fold up obstacles system in the world.
Make it & Skate it!


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