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RASTACLAT is a symbol of righteousness, doing good for yourself and others.
About Daniel Kasidi;

Daniel Kasidi started Rastaclat before he ever had a brand name or a company vision. Throughout high school, Kasidi made bracelets from extra skate shoe laces that he fused together. His passion was skateboarding, but his creative talent was emerging, he decided in October 2010 to turn his drive to create product into a reality, and founded Rastaclat.

Rastaclat is dedicated to the spirit of Spreading Positive Vibrations . It’s all about encouraging individual style, a sense of positivity, and freedom of expression. We are a LIFE brand striving to build timeless and innovative accessories inspired by real world experiences, while embracing all cultures throughout our planet. Our lion head logo with black & gold branding represents our DNA; a brand exuberating confidence, independence, leadership and the innate courage to conquer new planes of innovation. The brand name Rastaclat® represents the cloth of the righteous – an internal commitment to do good and understand the energies we put out into the world define us.

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    I bought this product from Active8. It was awesome, great quality and good price.

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