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Launched early this year, 4Play.in is a virtual (video) magazine publishing stories in the domain of extreme and action sports across the country. Their style is a very personal outcome of roughing it out in the outdoors, living on the cutting edge of what may be termed as extreme, and basking in the experience that came along. Read more on their thoughts, ideas & vision;

Sukrit Gupta searching for higher spirits during the multipitch climb at Aleo, Manali, HP
What’s your take on the Indian alternative sporting scene?
It's only growing. Cricket no longer is the singular fancy of the average Indian teenager. People are spoilt for choices from Climbing to Kayaking, and the scene is just growing by the day.
What is 4Play.in?
4Play.in is a virtual (video) magazine for extreme and action sports. Its parent company, 4Play Media and Communication LLP is a 360 degree Media and PR agency.
How did you come up with the idea? What's your inspiration & vision for 4Play?
The co-founders have been content producers in the industry for long. In their roles as content producers they faced paucity of platforms to showcase the cutting edge of extreme sports that was available in India and around. 4Play.in is an attempt to bridge that gap of 'demand and supply' and make action/extreme sports accessible to as well as acceptable in the mainstream.
We envision 4play.in to evolve as a leading platform for extreme and action sports from the East Hemisphere, that holds relevance in the International space.

Skyworshippers- Anuj Khurana with his misfits company on their hitchhike across India
Who's the team behind the scenes? And What's the alternative sporting experience within the tribe?
All of us have been hanging around the sports we love for quite sometime now. Added to that, each one of us owns established traditionally marketable skills. With ample experience in content creation and digital media, and an in-depth understanding of the industry - we make a kick ass team for a media company.
The co-founding team comprises;
Sukrit - owns strategy and marketing and sometimes writing too | Taekwondo, Ultra-running, Climbing
Anuj - takes charge of the production process | Adventure touring and Hitchhiking
Kshitij - looks after Content planning, concepts and partnerships | Apart from the usual handstands and flips also slack-lines, is a basketball enthusiast, runner and general outdoor freak. Not to mention the new skateboard he is getting from Active8 Sports
Soumya -  takes care of graphic, design and all the artsy part of it | is a bouldering nerd
Shivam - is an outdoor/adventure cinematographer | Free running and climbing
Shantanu - is a digital marketing ninja | embracing the outdoor lifestyle. And dabbling with slack-lines and hikes
Utkarsh - assists production and marketing | embracing the outdoor lifestyle. And dabbling with slack-lines and hikes
Teja and Misty - true to their Gaddi descent are in-charge for keeping the space fun and playful; they also double as guides on our hikes, certified by the Federation de Gaddi of the Alpine meadows.
The Human gyro Kshitij Gupta being twisty ,bendy and godly. Manali, HP
The best 4Play.in material you have out there...
The best is yet to come. :D
Until then these may suffice:
Para B.A.S.E Jump
When walking gets too mainstream. Aishwarya Yadav, India's only flying artist jumps off a tandem glider.
The Downhill Disco
Method man Ajay Padval in an mental and hearty dance fueled by adrenaline. Location Maharashtra, India
Tell us a little about your most difficult projects?
Almost all our major projects are technical.
Sometimes one's dangling on ropes 500ft up in the air, shooting with heavy camera equipment; at other times you're chasing athletes on foot, skateboards, cycles, etc through some of the most difficult terrains.

Camera daredevil Shivam powering those jumars to ascend to an insane vantage during a multi-pitch climb. Manali, HP
Where do you see the Indian Action sports scene in 10 years from now?
10 years is too distant. It's going to be epic in the next 3-5 years.
What are the Indian brands and websites that keep you and the team motivated?
Currently we look up to only one, and that is TVF - The Viral Fever
A message for everyone reading this post
Go check out www.4play.in and sign-up to keep receiving your daily fix of awesome.

Human whisperer-This soul shepherds the team towards blinding happiness.
Stay Updated with 4Play on Facebook, Instagram &  Youtube for your daily fix of awesome!
Image Cred: 4Play Content Pool


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    good stuff.

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    I was lucky to have had the opportunity to meet one of the young founders ….Utkarsh He is a young easy going determined fascinatingly confident person who is successfully chasing his dreams .I have no doubt that this young determined team are going to reach the pinnacles of success , as they posses great clarity and a strong determination to succeed in their specialised field . Wishing them all success in their endeavour ????

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    This is really amazing. These people are doing something out of the box.

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