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For the last couple of years, ‘Skateboarding in India / Tripura has been working on an idea, where everybody would pitch in a hundred bucks and go for a trip over the weekend. The purpose was to film and upload videos which would attract and motivate everyone watching it to try skateboarding! These videos were marked as – ‘SKATE WEEKENDS’.

The Impact of Skateboarding on the Youth

“Skateboarding has made a huge impact on the youths lives and has given them something to live for and look forward to.” Once they start skateboarding, most youngsters feel like they are a part of a massive culture. A community so huge and powerful, that now people could recognize them and encourage them to do what they do. It’s undoubtedly enjoyable, and gets more and more exciting as the days roll by.

“When you start skateboarding, you bring a lot of good things to your plate.  You can change and inspire people to try new things and styles just by performing a single trick! And this sort of motivation is what most people need.” 

Skateboarding in India - Kunal (11year Old Skater from Tripura)

Checkout the Kunal's Video Below

Get on a Skateboard

Skateboarding in India has a wide horizon. In other words, the process of learning never stops. Skateboarding can take you farther than you could fathom. Support your local scene & Keep shredding.
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  • Posted on by Neha

    Inspiring People around the India. Great Blog!

  • Posted on by Jay Kinra

    Kunal! Great Story… I hope you do achieve your dream and represent India in the olympics! But do know you are representing India right now! And killing it! Keep it up brother.

  • Posted on by Jules

    Way to go Kunal!!! KEep inspiring us!!

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