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Watch the latest video the skaters from Tripura released, on their day long skate & fun trip!

Speaking with the guys over at Tripura, they share some skate insight with us;
How'd the skate scene in Tripura come about?
Well speaking about how and when skate started in Tripura was back in December 2014. For the first time our very own first skater Rudhamoy bought a skateboard online, it was a hawk board (he could not imagine he was so happy with that). Back then he kept on skateboarding all alone in the town. After a few months he met a few who were inspired, some of them were Samrat, Boyer(Tyler) and more. Later we were more motivated on seeing the skate scene grow in India in places like Bangalore and some other states. So that's how it is and we been pushing since December 2014.

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What is the scene looking like now? The skaters and the spots yall skate...
The crew is right now giving its fullest effort on the Skateboarding scene in Tripura. Well, its not an easy thing to get going in a state like Tripura, cause skateboarding is a new sport. However we're trying our best to grow the culture of skateboarding and keep going. We usually skate in the place called Gurukha Basti, Litch Bagan shopping complex and Gandhi Gath. We mainly Skate everyday in the morning and evenings, and weekends mostly!

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    I am from radhanagar agartala and I love skateboarding

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    Skateboarding in Tripura !!!
    Keep going..

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    i belive in sketbording

  • Posted on by Rotha Molsom

    Skateboarding in Tripura is really an inspirational work in my opinion! Because seeing many different people in the street of Agartala. The people are like respective to our skateboarding culture.

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