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Written & Contributed by Tanmayi Gidh.
If you’ve ever gone to a place like Cubbon Park in Bangalore or Hauz Khas Park in Delhi or maybe Narali Park and Chowpatty in Mumbai, you might have seen a bunch of people trying to balance on a webbing, no broader than an inch or two. If you’re lucky, you must’ve also seen them pull off some tricks on the line and maybe you would’ve gone nuts thinking how something like that was possible. Here’s the thing – it’s perfectly doable. And you have the chance to have a go at it!

Slacklining is a new sport in India. It has evolved immensely in terms of equipment and skill since it began and although there are slackers all over the world taking insane strides in the sport, it has a long way to go here. Luckily for us, the slacklining community of India is an ever-growing group of enthusiastic, crazy people, pushing the limits of the sport in the country. There’s a lot of reasons slacklining can become addictive.
One, and most importantly, it is as easy and uncomplicated as a sport can get. All you need is a few meters of sturdy webbing, a ratchet (the slacklining kit is easily available online or in a good sports store these days) and two strong anchors. You can put it up almost anywhere, and in little time once you get the hang of it. Two, it will give you an entirely different thing to do among friends and introduce yourself to some amazing people who share similar interests as yours. People who take up the sport are generally quite bad-ass, always game for something new and really fun! Three, the amount of good it does to you is amazing. It improves your focus, is a brilliant workout for your core, helps you get your balance (in any area you pick), is the preferred option as rehab post injury, and it’s the closest you could get any of us to meditation – and so powerful at that.
Until we didn’t try it, there was no way we could’ve guessed that a sport as simple as slacklining could engross us like this. More and more people are getting out of their homes, finding a couple of trees in the nearby park or a pair of pillars in their parking lot, getting friends together and  having the time of their lives.

The Between Years Fest was born out of the same idea – getting people out of their homes, away from their phones and into the wilderness, where they could meet fellow slackers and have an amazing time with their families. It is the first-of-its-kind adventure carnival but it’s also so much more than that. What we’re hoping to create an outdoor culture, moving towards a simpler, happier lifestyle. What we’ve emphasized on time and again is how getting your family along is the best way to make the most of this fest and your time with them. The fest is going to be packed with activities like slacklining, highline hammocks, valley crossing, camping, hiking, film screening and so much more!
This New Years, we promise you an adventure you would cherish for a lifetime! Never before has the entire slackline community come together in such large number to promote the sport and it is going to be an event you wouldn’t want to miss!
December 29th, 2016 to January 1st, 2017 | Lonavala, Near Mumbai Pune Expressway, India
    Book your passes for this awesome new years experience HERE!
    Find out more about the fest on www.betweenyears.com and our Facebook page Between Years.


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