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Over the years this has been one of the many progressive innovations in the skateboard wheels industry. Sunset Skateboard Company located in Costa Mesa, California manufactures a range of colourful, flare wheels that illuminate with motion & are boxed with pretty decent bearings (abec 9's). They've also created a fantastic line of transparent, light-up cruisers in a wide pallet of captivating colors. 
The company was founded by long-time college friends and California natives Jeremy Fissell & Scott Winn. Growing up during the late 80's and early 90's, more often than not, back then they would spend time bombing the streets on their old school boards.
"Jeremy and Scott reunited when Scott remembered how much fun they had "that one time in college" when Jeremy built a clear, plastic skateboard deck using some polycarbonate material. While Jeremy has spent the last 20 years as a successful entrepreneur & product designer, Scott has worked as a professional in the sales world. They made a commitment to combine their experience, love of the California lifestyle and passion for skateboarding and launched Sunset Skateboards with the Original Flare LED Wheels - a cornerstone of the endeavour." - sunsetskateboards.com
While most other inexpensive decks are made with ABS plastic, Sunset Skateboard decks are constructed of water-clear polycarbonate (PC) plastic. The resin has special UV inhibitors to help it weather outdoor conditions. The plastic is the same material used in high-end medical equipment and bulletproof glass.
Sunset Skateboards designed the Original Flare LED Wheels. These motion-powered, multi-colored wheels light up without the need for any batteries and are rated to last up to 100,000 hours. That’s a lot of skateboarding. 59mm x 45mm cruiser, 54mm x 33 mm street and 65mm x 45mm longboard wheels are available. Accept no substitutes or copies when selecting LED skateboard wheels. #theOriginalLEDSkateWheel

Sunset skateboards leaves a trail at MIT Institute of Design, Pune

Sunset at MIT, Loni © Suyash 
Hi folks,
I am SuyashSudheesh from MIT Institute of Design. I am a custom board builder, making a range of boards from cruisers, downhill, freestyle and dancing boards. So I bought a set of sunset flare wheels (white 78A, 59mm led cruiser wheels) from active8 last year. I am a downhill long-boarder and I have used these wheels on a lot of different surfaces, be it smooth tiles to rough roads to tarmacked downhill roads.
The wheels give pretty good grip over the range of surfaces. The only downfall of the grip is that the wheels don’t slide that easily when you bomb a hill. The good aspect of the grip is that if you try dancing on the board, you do not lose control of the board when you try routines.
The flare in the wheels is really good when you riding at nights.  It helps the public know that you are riding. While riding during the day and serious downhill riding I prefer taking off the magnetic shoulders from the wheels to get a smoother and easier ride. The wheels are a great buy for a person who likes cruising around town and even people who like dancing on boards. The wheels are pretty durable as they are still going strong with not much damage.
 So start rolling up some light, grab a pair here, or borrow one from your nearest flared friend.


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