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The first official SLACKLINE competition in India is finally here!!

Imagine doing back-flips, 360's and whatnot on a two-inch-wide strap hovering several feet above the ground and you’ll have the picture of what slackers do for fun.

The event will be held at the Covelong Surf and Music Festival in Chennai from the 26th to 28th of August. Being judged by Samar Farooqui and with prizes worth Rs 35,000/- that will be given to the winners.
Samar is one of the best young athletes in the rapidly growing sport of slack-lining. And he's taking the Indian slacklining scene to the next level. Here's some of his thoughts;

Samar Farooqui Slack Lining
"The idea has been there in the back of my mind for a long time. Finally figured out a way to implement it. In 2014, I went to Poland for a High-line Festival, I saw the vibe that a community gathering creates. Slacklining with other slackliners made me push my own limits and I saw a significant improvement in my own slacklining. More importantly, I had a really good time and learning new skills became more engaging. So this competition is a way for me to give back to the community of slackers.. get them together on one platform. See the skill level we are currently at in the Country, and who knows, hopefully a few years down the line we might be sending athletes from India to compete in the Slackline Worldcup! My hope is to spread the sport and the benefits of it. For those who wish to compete, this competition is for them. Come prove that you are India's first Slackline Champ. Or come take part for the fun of it! Also, competitions are a great way to motivate athletes to upskill! 

Mostly the sport isn't about competition with others, its about the competition with yourself. If all the people who come to this event, go back learning something new and taking back something of value, then I can pat my self on the back! "
Samar Farooqui (Founder & Slacker-in-chief at Slacklife.Inc)
Taking part is simple.
Send in a video (30 seconds max) of you on the Slack-line, doing the best tricks you can; be it static or dynamic. 
10 best athletes get an invite to come and compete for the title of India's Slack-line Champion.

Here's some more from the slackers in the country;

"I will be participating at the very first Slackline India Championship ! Its been more then a year now that I have been slacklining and I have seen a lot of growth in the overall sport in the Indian community. The community has increased and still is, there are so many people who do it for fitness as well as yoga and meditation, people have started tricklining and also have taken the sport to the outdoors by rigging many waterlines and highlines. There is a constant progression in the indian slacklining scene. I think events like this will have a very positive impact on the sport as slackers from all over the country will be coming and slacking together. And also awareness of slacklining increases among the people. If events like these keep going on then soon we will have highline festivals and bunch of other such events. I am very excited to slackline with the community which would be gathering there. Cheers to slacklifeinc. for organizing the event and bringing the slackers together!"
Bhupesh Patil, Nashik

"Slacklining, I think is a sport that is made for India. Once you get a slackline, anyone anywhere with a couple of trees can do it. compared to any other sport, the bare minimum equipment needed is also cheaper. This slack championship at Covelong, I think will be an inflexion point in the growth of this sport as it will get the necessary attention it deserves. I feel that, if access to slacklines and other equipment becomes easier, this sport will see a huge growth in the country. Personally, I have gained a lot from slacklining. Focus, good posture, awareness and core strength are a few benefits apart from the mountains of fun we have when we slack"
Saurabh Ketkar, Bangalore

"The slack communities across India have been growing slowly and steadily (Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik..) in the past 3 years and this is a great point in the evolution of slacklining in India to bring everyone together. Kudos to Samar for spreading Slacklining across India, he is the reason many of us even tried it. Personally I do not consider slacklining as a competitive sport, but its great to see everyone perform at a competitive level, its bound to bring the best out of the slackers!"
Navin Devnani-Torres, Pune
Stay updated with the championship and the rest of the community on
the official Slackline India Championship event page!
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