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'THE KING' is Back!!

 Rodney Mullen - A still from 'Liminal'
After more than a decade of no filming and his last release, The King just dropped "Liminal" a psychedelic edit of skate artistry that screams signature Mullen creativity.
The project wrapped recently in New York, where Mullen spent the past two months working with photographer Steven Sebring, an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and creator of what he calls the Revolution System, [a silver, 24-foot igloo-looking dome that is best described as "a camera you go inside of."] The multimedia artist, is known for a distinctive style that merges raw realism with high-end fashion.
The new video, 4 minutes long was shot in "4D" by Sebring, in the "revolution system". The subject (Mullen) stands in the center of the dome and is shot via 100 surrounding cameras from every imaginable angle. Tricks range from 540 fingerflip variations and pogo-flips, to a kickflip-underflip and a switch nollie laserflip that will redefine what we think of as "switch." 

Watch the video below and get blown away;

Rodney Mullen "Liminal" 7.11.16 | Released on Sebring Revolution
Directed by Steven Sebring | Music by Dhani Harrison

left to right, Dhani Harrison, Steven Sebring, Seneca Sebring, Rodney Mullen, David Zonshine. (Image Source: www.SebringRevolution.com)
About Sebring Revolution:
Durst Phototechnik, AG and Steven Sebring established The Durst Sebring Revolution joint venture in New York City. The new company has come together to develop high-end, cutting edge photo technology systems to create four-dimensional (4-D) visual content for multi-channel platforms.



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