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During a skate trip in Jamshedpur © Baibhav Singh
Nickname: Ha Ha Ha... UT(mostly); Doctor Sab (Skaters from Delhi, few from Bangalore and some more) & My elder brother calls me Doctor Skate!
Origin: June 28, 1991 | Ranchi

Started Skating: Some 5 years ago
Why'd You Start Skating: Love at first sight
Preferred Style: Mostly street, but open to all styles depending on my mood
Signature Trick: Bs Nose slides

Favorite Hometown Spot: My backyard mini ramp (‘GREEN LETHE’); DIY skatepark in Morbadi
Best Spot in India: Nothing specific!! Skate every damn thing..
Skate Crew: RSB (Ranchi SB)
Happiest Achievement: Landing any trick after hours of shedding sweat and blood
Worst fails:  8 Step handrail boardslide: banged my head and got stitches!!!

Favorite skater: Danny Way, Evan Smith, Cody, Joshlin, Mullen, Cyril, Andrew..... Its a long list basically!!!
Inspiration: Tony hawk (First Skateboarder/ Legend I came to know when I got to know what a skateboard was!)
Favorite Music Artist: ‘Coldplay’ for now

© Hari Adivarekar
Favorite Skate Brands: Not sure about it
Favorite Website: Thrasher
City for skating: My hometown
Your Board Set-up: Deck: Kyle Nicholson signature SELFISH 8.5 deck; Trucks: THUNDER 149; Grip: GRIZZLY; Wheels: SPITFIRE 53mm; Bearings: BONES

© Hari Adivarekar
Word of Advice to Fellow Skaters: Go hard, just don’t bang your head, its terrible!
An Original Utkarsh Gupta Quote:
Just Skate it, don’t Fake it

More about Utkarsh Gupta: "I got to know about skateboard when I was in 9th standard, unfortunately we dint have any skate-shop or online websites to purchase one! So I actually started to skate after a couple of years in the year 2010. I am currently pursuing my career in medical field as a doctor and my passion for skateboarding. I along with few other started skating in my college campus and the scene began to grow. We felt a need to organise ourselves and so we formed a group (RSB). We started wandering around in our streets and came along with few spots. The most important one being the abandoned skaterink built in 2000, which was a hangout place for alcoholics and hooligans before we started encroaching...
Backyard Ramp - Green Lethe ©Utkarsh Gupta
...We built DIY skate elements in that skate-rink and now it is almost our sweet little skatepark where we skate almost every day. Our group started workshop and classes to spread the culture of skateboarding and since then we are growing in numbers. As Ranchi is far away from the main streamline cities of skateboarding in India, we dint have proper elements of transition and for this with my dad’s support I was able to build a 4 feet high mini-ramp (‘Green Lethe’). It has been a long journey since we started and it gives me immense pleasure to see what we have become!" - Utkarsh Gupta.
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Image Credits; Hari AdivarekarBaibhav Singh & Friends  | Video by Redbull


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    Ut keep growing bro… Miles to go.. Proud of you

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    #DrSkates astonishing work for improving skating scene in Ranchi. I am sure Ranchi will be indebted to you. Forever.
    Proud to be your bro.

    Keep flippin higher !

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