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The typical definition is "Skateboarding is an action sport  which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard."
Skateboarding is something different to just everybody in form of creativity, freedom, expressing yourself, who you are. Skateboarding in India, well it has been a new sport for the country. Skateboarding didn't really exist in India back in the days, but since the last 6-5 years skateboarding has grown and has been progressing a lot. Most of the states in India have a skateboarding crew or community now. People in India have started to love skateboarding and we have been seeing a lot of skaters, young and old, growing in numbers and that's kind of a blessing for the skateboarding culture in India. 
Skateboarding is really a safe and positive place for kids to hook up with activity, cause skateboarding is like a community centre. You can learn to improve yourself physically or build a relationship with other people who come from different religion, race, economic status. Skateboarding shows you the inner world and make you a better person and gives you a good education in one way and shows you how to live your life. Skateboarding can take you far and there is no end to skateboarding.
The international Olympic Committee has also voted to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo and that's kind of blessing in one way. In turn we hope skateboarding in India will grow more and more. Till then keep shredding and Go skateboarding in India. 
The skateboarding scene in India has steadily been growing, with about more than 14 to 15 purpose built spots/ parks, 2 annual national level contests (Jugaad Skateboarding Competition & Extreme Nationals), almost 2/3 yearly skate tours, tons of events & gatherings & more. There's also a pick up in regular skate workshops & jams in local communities across the country.
India has been organising skate competitions to promote the sport in the country. One of which is well known as Juggad - The Skateboarding Competition. The first Juggad skateboarding competition was hosted in 2015. With a view to promote this subculture, hosted at the freemotion skate park in New Delhi, India. In 2016 it was held at Play arena, Bangalore. The competition provided a platform for self-expression and a chance to meet other skaters worldwide. Last year was the first edition of the Extreme Nationals held in Mumbai to start a ranking roster for BMXers & skaters in the country.
Now in India we probably have 15 skate spots/ parks. Like;
Bangalore- Playarena, Holystoked EPIC Build, The cave skatepark
Delhi - Freemotion skatepark
Goa - Shiva Palace, Cirrus, Sk8 Goa, Ramps at Pajim
Hampi - 2er Bowl, Holystoked mini-ramp
Kovalam - SISP kovalam surf club Ramp, Coconut Castle
Vizag - Hify mini-ramp
Panna - Janwaar Castle
Ranchi - Green Lethe
Pondicherry - Auroville ramps
Pune - Baba Saheb Ambedkar Skatepark, Active8 Freshpark, Harshdeep's half pipe, Saddle cafe mini ramp
Bombay - Khar social bowl, NRI bowl,  Gov park at Navi Mumbai (Under construction)
Hyderabad - Wallride park (Under construction)
All in all said, the scene here is fresh, sometimes old school but always hell loads of fun! If you want to know what skateboarding really is? Join your local community, get on a board and start exploring!


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    Nice Blog! It can help beginners to get an idea and keep themselves updated while looking to know for the skateboard. Keep up the good work.

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    I am a beginner in skateboarding and this article shares very nice insights. I found one blog really interesting to get an idea about best Skateboards of 2018 and its really cool. Perfect guide about skateboards and some other resources.

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    Hi Jacob,

    We’d love to help you guys out. Our skate cordinator is intouch with your crew already. However you can reach out to him at skate@active8sports.com

    Keep shredding!

  • Posted on by Jacob Dan Paul

    Hii am from chennai and we hav a skate crew a community that is… But we do not hav any support and no skate parks and proper spots to skate kindly help us

  • Posted on by Admin

    Hi Rohit,

    You can connect with their community page on facebook.
    Skateboarding in Chennai : https://www.facebook.com/skateboardinginchennai/
    They’ll help you out :)

  • Posted on by Rohit

    How do I connect with skateboarders in my city? I’m at chennai atm

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