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Designed and inspired by skateboarding for skateboarding, Lakai Footwear is an American footwear company founded by professional skateboarders and Girl Skateboards co-founders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999. Both Carroll and Howard decided that they wanted to make a contribution to the skate footwear industry by founding their own company rather than being sponsored. 

Rick Howard & Mike Carroll | Photo by Su Young Choi @choidivison
After which, former Chocolate skateboard team member Scott Johnston was involved with the Lakai brand and, as of March 2013, is the Lakai Footwear Design Director. With an idea to end on a good note and not bleed this career dry, Johnston first began design work for Lakai in 2007 and the Fully Flared video became an unofficial end point to his professional skateboarding career.
Similar to the other brands distributed by Girl, Lakai has received a considerable level of attention for its video productions, especially during the production phase of the company's first full-length video, Fully Flared. The Lakai video Fully Flared received the "Best Video Award" at the 10th Transworld Skateboarding Awards.

Stills from Fully Flared 2007
Lakai footwear is professionally endorsed by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, Stevie Perez, Riley Hawk, Daniel Espinoza, Danny Brady, Jesus Fernandez, Sebo Walker, Yonnie Cruz and amateur talent Jon Sciano and Ronnie Sandoval.
So, basically, whether you’re locking into backside 50-50s on triple-kink round rails like Riley Hawk or tossing up inverts in bowls like Sandoval, this is the shoe you want to do it in. Or try to do it in, at least.
Simply stated, Lakai Limited Footwear are “The Shoes We Skate”.

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    This is what skateboarding is about! F*ck Yeah!

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